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"The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey" unveiled

Whisky connoisseurs across Africa can raise a glass to a new limited-edition release from The Macallan, inspired by the natural beauty of the River Spey that flows through the brand's historic estate. "The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey" celebrates the long-standing connection between the distillery and this vital waterway, capturing its essence in both the whisky itself and the stunning artwork adorning the bottle.
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This single malt showcases the craftsmanship and dedication to quality that The Macallan is renowned for. Crafted from a combination of European and American oak sherry seasoned casks, it boasts a rich amber colour reminiscent of the River Spey in winter. The aroma tantalises with hints of raisins, treacle sponge, and fruit, followed by a velvety palate of sultana, butterscotch, and chocolate. The toasted oak spice finish lingers pleasantly, leaving a lasting impression.

Beyond the experience, The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey tells a visual story. Renowned artist Michelle Lucking's watercolour painting adorns the packaging, capturing the River Spey's presence in its winter glory. The natural colours of the whisky and the surrounding landscape, from soft yellows and ambers to burnt umbers and deep treacle tones, are reflected in her work.

Steven Bremner, whisky maker at The Macallan, said: “Crafted from a combination of European oak sherry seasoned casks, American oak sherry seasoned casks and refill casks, The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey embodies the dedication to incomparable craftsmanship and creativity, which The Macallan is renowned for.”

“The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey brings together our time-honoured traditions and our continual inspiration from the nature that runs through The Macallan Estate and offers our community – at home and around the world – a unique insight into what makes our whiskies so exceptional through different aspects of our home.”

Artist Michelle Lucking said: "Water for me is a constant source of inspiration, I love exploring it, painting it - and so when The Macallan asked me to capture the majestic River Spey - and its importance to them, their whisky and the Estate - as part of the Home Collection it just felt to me like a really brilliant fit.”

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