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#BizUnity: Can your business help make the Tekkie Tax circle bigger?

The Covid-19 crisis has had serious health and economic consequences for South Africa thus far with the infection rate rapidly rising as we approach our peak, and many businesses having to lay off staff and shutter their doors. Non-profit organisations have not escaped unscathed as funding has quickly dried up. Now, more than ever, business SA is needed to lend a heroic hand.

One of many worthwhile causes is this year's Tekkie Tax campaign, which builds up to Tekkie Tax Day on 31 July. Over the past seven years - 2020 being the eighth edition, Tekkie Tax has raised nearly R50m in support of 1,800 beneficiary organisations which have benefitted from the funds raised. This funding is used as each organisation sees fit, the only requirement being that it is utilised in an honest and transparent way, explains Germa Hattingh, campaign manager at Tekkie Tax.

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She says that the real impact of Covid-19 on NPOs will really only become apparent once the pandemic is over: "During lockdown, many of our organisations faced challenges to continue with the services they have been rendering for many years. Some closed their doors due to a lack of income. Some will still have to close their doors. One thing that I can say without a shadow of a doubt is that the spirit of our organisations will prevail, regardless of the challenges."

Germa Hattingh, campaign manager at Tekkie Tax
"When you look at social media, the requests for funding and donations are overwhelming. Welfare organisations are facing their biggest battle for survival. And the reality is that there are just more and more people losing their jobs, becoming homeless and in need of assistance."

How businesses can get behind this year's Tekkie Tax campaign

The best outcome for the campaign would be to secure national sponsorship, explains Hattingh. Apart from the massive publicity value and marketing opportunities, Tekkie Tax has a 75% black beneficiary base with 100% SED recognition, and companies can receive tax benefits from SARS.

"Companies, businesses and SMMEs are the real heroes in the Tekkie Tax campaign. They are the ones contributing the extra money that goes into the distribution pot.
We know that companies took a serious knock and thousands closed their doors. However, during this difficult time, we found that there are companies out there with big hearts and lots of goodwill towards the campaign," says Hattingh.

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Other ways for companies to get involved include ordering T-shirts, shoelaces, badges and stickers (or a combo of the available merchandise), or they can make a donation.

"Every little bit will help us to assist our beneficiary organisations to keep their doors open and their services going.

"We need companies to come on board and help us drive the campaign to a higher level than what it has ever been," she says.

What's special about this year's campaign?

This year's theme is “Make the circle bigger” and has had to be realigned to suit a more virtual platform. Hence, you'll find "virtual hugs" are part of the 2020 offering.

"We developed the 'virtual hug' when we took the campaign online during lockdown. One of the things that people missed most was a simple hug - people became touch-deprived, and making someone feel special," explains Hattingh.

A personalised virtual hug is available for R20 and is sent via Whatsapp or Facebook. Click here for more info. Tekkie Tax has also established an SMS line for donations of R30 - SMS "TTCARES" to 42646. Companies interested in becoming a national sponsor for Tekkie Tax can contact Hattingh directly at .

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Ultimately, in the face of extraordinary challenges, Tekkie Tax aims to execute this year's campaign successfully and raise enough money to distribute to its participating beneficiary organisations.

For more information on Tekkie Tax and this year's campaign, go to

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