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Sprout by Source Food, a new F&B business incubator launches

South African food marketing agency Source Food has launched an incubator designed to offer individuals and businesses in the food and beverage industry the knowledge, skills and resources to take their product to market or adapt their current offering.

Sprout by Source Food, a new F&B business incubator launches

The new business incubator leverages Source Foods’ expertise within the F&B industry, and combines a team of experienced food product developers, chefs, food stylists, photographers, marketers and food industry professionals who are able to advise and support clients in building a successful food or beverage brand.

The goal of Sprout by Source Food is to create an accessible pathway for individuals as well as businesses to start their journey into the food and beverage industry, or empower anyone looking to refine or pivot their existing business.

Sprout by Source Food, a new F&B business incubator launches

Adapting to market needs

“As we look at how radically our collective reality has shifted in the time of Covid-19, now is an opportune time to invest in yourself, become your own boss and focus on doing what you love. It’s essential to be able to change your offering as the market’s needs change – and as government legislation changes as we move between the various lockdown levels,” says Jonathan Moldan, MD of Source Food.

Moldan speaks from experience as Source Food implemented its own pivot during this time of crisis to meet the demands of the changing market during lockdown. One of the new projects is Sourced Meal kits, launched as South Africa went into lockdown, offering food boxes and easy to prepare meals, delivered safely under Covid-19 regulations.

“Over the last few years, there has been a sharp increase in entrepreneurs and businesses investing time and resources in new products and concepts. Source Food is fortunate to have walked the road with many clients, guiding them throughout the process.

With the launch of Sprout, we offer a more formal and successful approach to getting food and beverage startups off the ground. And I do expect to see more entrepreneurs emerging over the next few months,” says Moldan.

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