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Mobile marketing intensifies its approach

Mobile marketing has become a major talking point for brands and with reports suggesting that in the next two years mobile usage will overtake desktop, it's not surprising that mobile marketing strategies have picked up in the last year. Research has shown the international mobile market has grown exponentially and it shows absolutely no chance of slowing down, and brands that are capitalising on strategic mobile campaigns are at the forefront of a new era in marketing. The four marketing trends below illustrate the direction mobile marketing will take over the next year.


Location-based marketing is set to change the way mobile marketing is executed and users real-time locations will become more important for advertising strategies. Geo-targeted notifications and promotions will become more popular as companies realise the importance of targeting customers based on their GPS location. Restaurants, stores, service providers and other entities will make use of geo-targeting to promote their brand or to advertise current specials.


Narrowcasting is an increasingly popular trend in mobile marketing and has been used to great effect on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Sending data to a specific list of recipients who have shown interest in a product, service or genre allows for only the relevant audience to be reached and reduce costs, whilst increasing the potential of a successful campaign.


Mobile advertising with a game or purpose has become increasingly popular, as have adverts on existing mobile sites. Consumers have been proven to enjoy acquiring points, unlocking challenges or playing games on their mobile and the potential for advertising during, after or before these games is immense. For more information click here to see how a site can also incorporate mobile advertising or attract visitors based on the appeal of mobile gaming or game-based ads.

Micro content

Mobile advertising has to make an impact faster and in a smaller space and micro content is becoming increasingly popular with marketers. The development of Vine which has popularised six second videos has shown just how fast a message can be delivered and brands are consistently gearing toward micro videos, images that have a limited lifespan or advertising text that consists of merely a tagline or slogan.

Mobile devices are now used for all types of communication and are fast proving to be one of the most reliable marketing platforms internationally.

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