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The Media Krate brings the heat this summer!

The Media Krate has jolted the out of home industry by disrupting the traditional form of wall mural advertising.
The Media Krate brings the heat this summer!

Our 3-Dimensional Visual Reality Airbrushing™ (3DVRA™) has been hugely successful with some of the country's favourite brands.

The outcome is fantastic! Not only are we getting more impressions than traditional wall murals, our audience is spending more time at the walls, discussing the 3D elements, and creating conversation about the realism of the products.

For years it's been challenging for brands using wall murals to really stand out. It's not just competitors using wall murals, but every other wall mural in the same area becomes competition, the more traditional wall murals in an area, the easier it is to get lost in a row of the same stuff. We call this getting lost in the sea of the status quo.

3DVRA™ allows brands to break the monotony of plain, dull wall murals. The township landscape has been itching for something new, something exciting and we're proud to put our name behind the innovation.

The Media Krate
The Media Krate specialises in Unusual Outdoor Media Solutions that are sure-fire to turn heads and hold a hostage audience, focusing on South African Townships, and selected presence in Urban and Affluent Suburbs.

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