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    Elections 2024

    JJ Tabane on Coalitions leading up to the 2024 General Elections in May.

    JJ Tabane on Coalitions leading up to the 2024 General Elections in May.

    Be mothers, business coaches and successful entrepreneurs

    Every female entrepreneur deserves a medal. It's not easy juggling and finding the balance between motherhood, work, relationships and running a business.

    “My heart goes out to female entrepreneurs who run a business on their own because I know from experience that keeping all the balls in the air, is certainly not an easy task,” says Lindie Malan, owner of ActionCoach Business Coaching.

    Malan tried out the corporate world for six years and knew it wasn’t for her. She was born to be an entrepreneur, to work for herself, and run a business. She herself is a mother of three, ran two Comrades Marathons and has 25-years’ of business experience under her belt. Having had a welding business, established two guesthouses from scratch and been a business broker, the step into business coaching made sense. To date, her business coaching firm has coached more than 100 business owners in various industries in her local community towards achieving significant business results.

    Malan says her secret lies in prioritizing and taking time off for herself to recharge and connect with her family.

    This seems to be the similar ‘recipe to success’ for business coach, Deborah Coskey. Despite being a divorced single mom, Coskey, year on year, has achieved the top-performing coach status.

    “After my divorce and being in the manufacturing industry for years, I was looking to start afresh and discover my true passion in life. This is when I was introduced to ActionCoach Business Coaching,” says Coskey. “I believe it’s the female entrepreneurs in South Africa that will save the country.”

    This is exactly how the single mother of two, Marie-Louise Smith, feels about entrepreneurship. “Women simply have the instinct to survive and look after their family. They can do it,” she says. “The secret is to find something that gives you energy. Then you will live out your dream.”

    Smith who worked at Media 24 for 19 years and was the former marketing director at Volksblad, now as a business coaching franchise owner gets to help small, medium and large-sized business owners improve sales, marketing, systems development and strategic planning.

    "To all the existing women who dominate in entrepreneurship, we salute you. Thank you for teaching us a thing or two about what it takes to be truly great and women that can do it all! Our worlds are far better off with you in them. Thank you!"

    Being an entrepreneur allows women to freely manage their own time and create a balance between family and work.

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