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Elections 2024

Michael Beaumont says Election Polls are a joke and there is more to come from Action SA

Michael Beaumont says Election Polls are a joke and there is more to come from Action SA

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    South African Social Media Landscape Report 2021

    The South African Social Media Landscape Report 2021 was launched 30 June 2021. The annual report gives insights on what brands are intending to do on the social media platforms in the next year.

    The South Africa’s leading voices in marketing, advertising and media share amazing insights around the social media landscape during the Covid-19 crisis; in what ways brands and companies are migrating towards a more digital way; how leaders can make more informed decisions; and how increased social media adoption across multiple markets and industries continues to shape SA’s landscape.

    South African Social Media Landscape Report 2021

    Industry insights

    The report includes a survey conducted by Ornico where more than 111 participants from marketing, advertising, PR and media took part over the past two months. Those participants were asked 38 questions that answered questions on topics such as utility, importance, spending behaviour, current and future trends of social media in SA. It is evident by looking at the results that there is a social migration towards new social media platforms as well as an increase in the use of social media.

    The social media platforms

    Apart from what marketers and advertising professionals’ actions, thoughts and insights are, the report is also asking the consumers what is their point of view concerning social media. The report breaks down every major social media platform by analysing demographic, behavioural and usage statistics from a sample of over 24,000 participants over the course of 2020.

    Instant messaging and privacy

    Looking at the massive media storm of WhatsApp and its privacy concerns over January 2021, there was a huge outcry against the platform. However, evidence suggests that although Telegram and signal have increased their downloads temporarily, they did not dethrone the most used social media platform in SA. Our Ornico analysis team goes through a reputation analysis and compares the social and online chatter versus the actual reality of events and the importance of privacy for social media users.

    Watch the live webinar:

    You can download the SA Social Media Landscape Report 2021 clicking here.

    Ornico provides reputation, media, advertising and brand research with a suite of products that includes Brand Intelligence® across the African continent. It does this to help marketers and brand owners make sense of the flood of information that occupies traditional and social media.

    By collecting and analysing media data across many channels, Ornico informs brand owners and marketing decision makers about the most important strategic decisions they'll ever make regarding their brands.

    From editorial and advertising monitoring services, social media analytics to advanced brand research, Ornico provides a holistic and independent view of brand performance as reflected by television, radio, print media as well as social and digital media.

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    Ornico provides brand, media and reputational intelligence and research to provide an independent view of brand performance. Gain the competitive edge by making strategic marketing and communications decisions to outsmart the competition.
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