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Mzansi Wethu presents the exciting return of Umndende & Ngi Shade Wrong!

Mzansi Wethu brings you the comeback of two of its most talked-about reality shows. Which shows, you ask? Both shows unravel the very fabric of family and romantic relationships, casting a spotlight on deep-seated issues that many dare not discuss. But on Mzansi Wethu, we dare - and we care!
Mzansi Wethu presents the exciting return of Umndende & Ngi Shade Wrong!

Starting Thursday, 19 October, Umndende is back with a fresh face steering the ship. The passionate and talented Moss Makwati takes over as the host this season.

The show dives deep into the turbulent waters of family confrontations over misused social grants. Witness as family members rise and challenge each other over misappropriated grants, shaking the very foundation of their relationships, all in the hopes of making things right. It’s real, it's raw, and it’s bound to start conversations around every dinner table.

Mzansi Wethu presents the exciting return of Umndende & Ngi Shade Wrong!

Hold onto your remote because just as the dust settles from Umdende, we’re swinging back into action with Ngi Shade Wrong on Thursday, 25 January. Ever wondered how one can find the courage to say, “It's not you, it’s me... and someone else”?

This show offers a platform for those looking to start on a new romantic chapter. The stakes? Love, heartbreak, and the unforeseen consequences of truth. The weight of every decision is huge, and every episode concludes with a climactic confrontation: a face-to-face with the new love interest. Will the new flame ignite or fizzle out? And more importantly, was it worth the gamble? The journey is facilitated by our host Thato Mahapa, adding an extra layer of suspense.

The reality TV ride of the season is about to begin and your brand can be a part of the exciting ride.

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