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#Loeries: 2021: Simon Spreckley on judging Digital Crafts: Use of Technology

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Simon Spreckley, chief creative officer at Hoorah Group sits on the judging panel of the Digital Crafts: Use of Technology category at Loeries 2021...
Simon Spreckley, chief creative officer at Hoorah Group
Simon Spreckley, chief creative officer at Hoorah Group

How do you feel about judging at this year’s Loeries?

It’s always a great honour to judge awards for creative excellence and represent our industry.

Tell us more about yourself and why you believe you were selected – your judging experience and so on.

I’m fairly well known for craft excellence and have over two decades of experience in the industry with a solid understanding of what it takes to bring creativity to life from a production and technical perspective. In the past, I’ve judged for multiple shows but most recently the Effie awards which are focussed on marketing efficacy.

When you heard about being selected as a judge, how did you celebrate the news?

First I high fived myself, then I told my team, friends and fam. It’s always a good feeling to be selected as a judge.

What does this mean to you, personally?

It’s the acknowledgement of my experience and expertise from my peers, that of course means a great deal to me.

Which category will you be judging?

I’m judging Digital Crafts: Use of Technology

What do you expect to experience as a judge?

Usually, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues, to network and meet new people, as well as some of the young up and coming talent in the industry.

What specific criteria will you be looking for when judging?

Technical innovation and the use of technology in new and interesting ways when crafting a big idea or platform.

You have some major experience in the creative industry. Could you comment on the impact of Covid-19 on the industry?

“Is it my grey beard?” - I think the impact has been far-reaching in a number of ways but for starters, it’s made the world a much smaller place, the opportunity for us all to collaborate through digital enablement is great and has forced transformation for those that weren’t collaborating in this way in the past. We’ve also seen a massive shift to digital experiences and virtual production solutions over some of the more traditional routes in the past which is exciting.

Share a few of your favourite Loeries-related moments over the years – either from attending personally or agency winning work-related.

There’s the time I won a Loeries Grand Prix for the Musica Flow Browser, it was probably the first time a digital agency was acknowledged at that level and it stands out as a real defining moment. It was also pretty rad that we got to meet Knight Rider, aka the HOFF, which was a childhood dream as he was the host that year. It was also a super techie idea with brilliant craft!

Any predictions of trends that are likely to stand out at Loeries 2021?

We will see far more data lead campaigns and ideas, followed by empathetic work with purpose that is there to inspire and create positive impact.

What do you believe SA creatives bring to the Loeries judging mix?

South African creatives are so diverse culturally and have a great sensibility that makes for so many interesting creative perspectives, which ultimately drives relevance and quality of the narrative in their work, and when judging it.

What does #FightTheGoodFight mean to you?

I think it means to continually nurture and inspire young creative talent to follow their dreams, to be the sounding board they need to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and to see their ideas through to fruition even when it feels like it’s impossible. Then to go to war for them at the times that they feel they need it most. Basically to lead with empathy and fight the good fight!

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to from Loeries 2021?

I think it's getting exposed to the amazing stories that make me think, wow I wish I had done that, or the inspiration that drives me to be a better creative leader, and to make a real impact in people's lives through the platform I have.

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