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From Parow to Paarl - It's Jack Parow!

I'm obsessed with music from Byellville, but the 'burbs ain't exactly my favourite hanging spot, especially on a school night. So it took a whole lot to get me to mission to Willowbridge (Oooo! A step up from Tyger Valley!) and the Barnyard Theatre, of all places. But, as the event was the official launch of Jack Parow's first full-length album, I had to make the exception. Trust me, it was sooo worth it.
After a false(tto) start due to tacknical problemsh, a flu-riddled Jack Parow blew us away. Not that the man needed the support, but there was no resisting the talent-tsunami of his collaborations with the likes of Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel, Oorlog Frankenstein), Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar, aKING, Die Heuwels Fantasties) and Leroi Nel (Foto na Dans), Pierre Greef (Lukraaketaar, Die Heuwels Fantasties). All this was as close as the Boerewors Belt will ever get to the Up in Smoke Tour of 2000.

My personal highlights? The scarily hard, Eminem-style edge of Parow to Paarl featuring awesomely talented rapper, Disco. Feel-bad music at its best (should that be worst?) Watch this space - this Disco bra is dik gevaarlik!

Byellville will never be as cool as it was on Monday night. Cooler as ekke ...

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