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5 reasons why Ed Sheeran's last SA gig was pure magic

This past week, Ed Sheeran graced SA shores and blew the crowds away with his amazing energy and a long list of popular hits. His last gig of this leg of his Divide World tour, that was presented by Big Concerts, was spent engaging a capacity crowd at Cape Town stadium. We witnessed an artist comfortable in his own sound and someone who has come a long way but still remembers the core of what makes him unique.
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Having been a fan since the release of “Lego House” and even dancing to “Thinking Out Loud” at my wedding, I was super stoked to see him live. All the anticipation and stress of getting into the stadium just melted away as he belted out his opening track. At that moment the realisation of how great a performer he is, struck home and a whole new level of admiration grew inside me. Here are five little titbits of why this was an unforgettable night:

Ed Sheeran stuns at Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town is the final stop for Ed Sheeran on his South African Divide Tour. If you were one of those die-hard fans who waited for hours in the Checkers queue or prayed they'd add another date for the Mother City, then you've probably been glued to social media this past weekend...

By Ayesha Abrahams 28 Mar 2019

He is humble and so proud of both his heritage and his journey to the present.

Sheeran shared tales of his struggle as a small-time musician doing weekday house gigs in South London (sharing the fact that his audience there was predominantly South African.)

© Big Concerts

The skill he has to be the complete one-man show.

This redhaired man stood alone on the stage with nothing but a guitar, a mic and a loop generator and created every sound he wanted us to enjoy. This was true artistry (almost magic) at work.

An audio-visual rig that captivated and drew the audience in.

To aid in visibility for all in attendance, the obligatory ‘TV’ screens were present, but this rig was some other beast of modern visual spectacle. Multiple screens with eye-catching graphics, as eclectic as Sheeran, made sure all eyes were squarely focused on the stage.

© Big Concerts

His crowd engagement and raw energy.

Although this was a stadium venue and you were surrounded by a large crowd of screaming fans, his energy captivated you and when he asked you to participate, it felt like he was in your lounge performing just for you (and you had to heed the call). Side note here – the moment he got the crowd to light up the stadium by cellphone flash to the sweet lyrics of “A-Team” was a truly ubuntu feeling.

His mad rapping skills.

Yes, this was the little treat he dropped on us close to the end of the show. Look, it is not an unknown fact that he dabbles in the art of “the rap verse” as he does it in a number of songs, but seeing him do it live is something else. There is this look of pure joy and almost childish mischievousness that adorns his face and you can’t help but listen closely to catch the humorous prose.

© Big Concerts

Truly a night for the books. These moments came together to create an unforgettable memory that will be forever edged in my mind.

Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour is the third world concert tour and officially began on 16 March 2017, in Turin, Italy. It is set to end on 26 August 2019, in Ipswich, England.

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