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Bravado Gaming expands into MEA

South African multi-gaming organisation and lifestyle brand Bravado Gaming has announced its expansion into the MEA gaming industry.
Image supplied: Andreas Hadjipaschali, CEO and co-founder of Bravado Gaming
Image supplied: Andreas Hadjipaschali, CEO and co-founder of Bravado Gaming

This forms part of its global expansion strategy aimed at consolidating its regional fanbase and exposing local gamers to its revamped gaming experience.

The Bravado expansion with support from its sponsors - Alienware, Intel and Dell Gaming - will include the setting up of bases in South Africa, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia and will boast a variety of competitive gamers and divisions from across the region while simultaneously working on the lifestyle eco-systems of the Bravado brand.

“The culture of Bravado Gaming is that of being the best version of yourself. We want to tell inspiring stories to gamers across the globe and we have lived by that tenet from day one, more than 15 years ago and it has brought us incredible success over the years, not only in competing in esports but also in developing minds and introducing people to a whole new world and way of thinking in the gaming and gamification eco-system. With the support of Alienware, Intel and Dell Gaming we will be taking this call-to-action beyond the borders of just South Africa, by officially expanding Bravado into selected countries within this region,” said Andreas Hadjipaschali, CEO and co-founder of Bravado Gaming.

For the first time in the company’s history, Bravado Gaming will be getting into Valorant. The team will be primarily based in Egypt and will consist of five players and a coach. According to Hadjipaschali, the new squad is highly motivated and passionate to compete at the highest level possible.

Other new divisions include Fortnite, which remains one of the most popular gaming and esports titles ever, Bravado Gaming has now expanded into the division with plans to pick up even more representatives. Its Fortnite roster will span South Africa, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Rocket League, Fifa and Fighting Games are also being introduced into the line-up while League of Legends is also on the cards for implementation.

Bravado has spent the last few years building its content creator eco-system with a holistic goal of creating stories through its regional campaigns, activities, players, coaches, managers and brand as a whole.

“Content creators worldwide are important to us. It's finally time for MENA players to have the proper support, nourishment and leadership to help them tap into their full potential and show the world how much talent there is here. I am extremely looking forward to showcasing what we're capable of bringing to the table,” said Ahmed Mosaad, MENA Division Lead, Bravado Gaming.

Bravado will also be developing interactive venues in Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In addition to the venues, the company will also be hosting various public and private events. The company also hopes to ease folks new to gaming and esports into the scene as well as provide great events and experiences for those that have been waiting for the opportunity to explore, share their passion and tell inspiring stories.

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