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The plush annual Remodel magazine hits the streets in November

Remodel is an annual glossy publication in the Homemakers Media Holdings stable that launched in October 2017. After an extremely successful run in 2017, we are eager to see the second edition of this publication reach your neighbourhood.

Remodel is aimed at Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town homeowners wanting to make informed decisions on their home improvement projects. The publication is carefully curated to ensure that the most popular home improvement categories are covered, by means of display ads and informative editorial, thus being a comprehensive guide and source of inspiration for aspiring homeowners.

This publication is conveniently delivered, free of charge, to the doors of high LSM homes. We reach 100,000 homes in Johannesburg, 60,000 in Pretoria and 60,000 in Cape Town. This gives them immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiring ideas. At Homemakers we believe that if you can dream it you can do it.

Homemakers Media Holdings (“Homemakers”); a multi-platform media house specialising in the home improvement and lifestyle industries.

HOMEMAKERS's press office

HOMEMAKERS has for the past two decades developed a unique bouquet of media opportunities enabling advertisers and exhibitors to communicate to discerning homeowners in the major urban areas of South Africa.