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Garden Route National Park implements new tariff adjustment for Tsitsikamma

Garden Route National Park (GRNP) management has approved the implementation of a tariff readjustment in which registered tour operators bringing international visitors to the Tsitsikamma section of the park can now pay 50% of the tariff when visiting for only four hours. Implementation of the adjustment takes immediate effect.

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The rest of the visitors pay the full amount as approved and announced last year in November 2017. These include the CPI (Consumer Price Index) for 2017/2018 hence the increase.

All funds generated from conservation fees are ploughed back into the primary mandate of SANParks which is to oversee the conservation of South Africa’s biodiversity, landscapes, seascapes and associated heritage assets through a system of national parks. All visitors and tour operators are encouraged to pre-book for both day activities as well as overnight visits as the construction of the gate project is underway. It is expected the completion of the project will be at the end of April 2018.

Conservation fees for all three sections of the GRNP:

Additional tariffs for activities.
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