Bata celebrates imperfect love on Valentine's Day

Bata, the globally renowned footwear company, is taking an unconventional look at Valentine's Day. The brand knows that even though you always see perfect couples in ads and on social media, true love is never perfect: real love is not picture perfect.
The brand’s latest advertising campaign, produced to coincide with Valentine’s Day, features a couple in the midst of a romantic, but windswept, selfie. The couple snuggle in, all smiles, she raises her phone to snap their perfect moment, only for the wind to blow her dress and obscure his face at the vital second.

Bata CEO Alexis Nasard explains: “Bata always tries to inspire people to be who they are, and to be comfortable with themselves. This extends to Valentine’s Day and to love. In a world where we are bombarded with pictures of perfect lives, we wanted to play around with that and tell people that real love isn’t always picture perfect.”

The campaign features Bata’s premier range of shoes, the Italian Collection. She wears Halle – the all day, all night stiletto – in red, while he wears Tod, a navy derby which is versatile enough to complement a casual look or finish off formalwear.

“We love this campaign,” said Jana Barbati Chadova, Head of Global Marketing Bata. “It captures the fun and spontaneity of being in love, but it does so without taking itself too seriously. You don’t need the perfect Insta picture to prove it. Just be yourself, be comfortable with it, and when it comes to love, you’ll feel when it’s real.”

While the couple in the campaign might not be captured in the perfect moment, Bata was quick to point out that, with their Italian Collection, you’ll always get the perfect pair.

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