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2022 Digital Marketing and Customer Journey Report

The results of our 3rd annual survey are in and we have compiled everything into our Digital Marketing and Customer Journey Report.
2022 Digital Marketing and Customer Journey Report

These stats offer insight into how consumers engage with businesses online, how their behaviour has changed due to Covid, and if aspects such as listings, reviews or localised content should matter if you’re a franchise or multi-location business.

Key findings:

  • 91% of consumers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • 72.2% of consumers have left an online review, up from 64.8% in 2021
  • 74.3% of consumers prefer to interact with brands at a local level
  • 64.7% of consumers have found outdated or incorrect information on platforms like Google
  • 89.8% of consumers expect a business to respond to their negative review,

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Social Places Team

Social Places
From humble beginnings in 2013, manually aggregating customer Reviews and updating Listings. Our platform has since expanded to include a listings portal, full omni-channel CRM system, AI, ChatBot, Social Media offering and Bookings system.

Our vision has always been to be an all-inclusive Marketing Technology provider, to always innovate, be agile and empower our customers.

"Always on Brand"

This is the essence of a successful brand and Social Places embodies this mantra in everything we offer. Your brand's info, reputation, conversation & offering is always on in the digital world - Make sure it is Always on Brand.
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