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Durham Agency launches courier service business webpage

Despite a challenging year for many creative agencies as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Black-owned ad agency, Durham, is celebrating the successful completion and roll out of a business webpage for PAXI - a fast-growing local store-to-store parcel service powered by PEP, a division of Pepkor Holdings Ltd.
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Image supplied

Leaving no opportunity or trend unexplored, Durham provides a full scope of visual and tactical brand ideation that helps elevate brands from start to finish. Based in the creative hub of Woodstock in Cape Town, the youthful team use their creative skillset to execute compelling concepts that are tailored to meet the needs of various brands across multiple platforms.

PAXI, one of the fastest-growing courier services in South Africa, aims to connect family and friends, businesses and customers, through a trustworthy and affordable delivery service. PAXI recently celebrated its 5 million parcel milestone and third anniversary.

“The PAXI business page concept ‘Making Life Easier’ was aimed at promoting the new business page- set to launch soon, as the more convenient, time-saving alternative that makes life easier for the consumer. The narrative focused on the ‘obstacles’ that SMEs face and highlighted how the courier service is the primary solution,” explained Adeeb Franciscus, managing director of Durham.

This is a massive win for the boutique agency, which is disrupting the industry through its offering of fully-fledged innovative marketing and digital transformation services.

“We have experienced some difficulty entering and maintaining our presence in this cut-throat industry. Given the larger competitors in the market, we were often overshadowed despite demonstrating our ability to do large-scale agency work, on much smaller budgets. With some grit and tenacity, what we have managed to achieve in a pandemic is quite remarkable,” Franciscus reflected.

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