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Truly understanding your customers with Google Analytics 360

In this technological era, data analytics and measurement are crucial. It allows a company to know exactly where their consumers are going, what they're clicking on and their overall customer experience.
The Google Analytics 360 Suite is the whole package, providing in-depth analytical data which companies can use to track ROI and marketing.

Clicks2Customers recently became the first company in Africa to obtain Google Analytics 360 Reseller status, providing them with top measurement software for their enterprise clients.

I chatted to Lloyd Thomas, Clicks2Customers’ head of digital analytics, to find out more about the 360 Suite, and what it means for the company to earn Reseller status.

Bizcommunity Briefly explain what Google Analytics 360 and being a Reseller is...

Thomas: Google Analytics 360 is Google’s enterprise Web Analytics tool. The 360 Suite consists of multiple products ensuring there’s a solution for all web analytics needs – from Tag Management, to Attribution Modelling tools, Reporting and AB testing.

Being the first accredited reseller / service provider of this solutions stack in Africa means that Clicks2Customers is able to provide enterprise clients with complete insights into their customers’ user journeys – at each step of their engagement.

This not only allows companies to better understand their customers and personalise communications accordingly but, also, deliver the type of user experience that nurtures relations and, ultimately, drives greater retention and acquisition business.

Bizcommunity What was the process like to become an Analytics 360 Reseller?

Thomas:If it was easy everyone would be doing it” the saying goes and here it certainly rings true. The fact that we are the first in Africa to achieve this accreditation bears testament to just how rigorous a process it is.

To obtain reseller status the applicant agency must already be a Google Analytics Certified Practitioner (GACP). Additional requirements must be met, which include interrogation of team size, abilities, technical knowledge and client performance records – the business plan in support of the Analytics 360 Product suite, the team’s capacity to deliver a 24/7 service and documentation outlining the solutions configuration, implementation and QA process.

Bluntly put: You need to have the team, resources, skills and proven performance record to match the highest of international standards.

Bizcommunity How important is analytics to business today?

Thomas: Forget about “big data”, the world is about “smart data”... actionable information that not only helps marketers drive performance, but guides strategic decisions made at C-suite level.

Without knowing and understanding the various sets of data relating to your business (and customers) – without appreciating the story that data is telling you about the world of today, and having clear insights into the future you are moving towards, you are (most definitely) heading for the rubbish heap of businesses that could have been great.

Data analytics is the thin red line between sustainable business success – and the “bin of also-rans” in your industry.

Bizcommunity Explain how better measurement can improve a company's marketing and overall customer experience...

Thomas: With better and granular measurement, both onsite to measure specific user behaviour and from a digital marketing perspective, better measurement leads to improved ROI. AB Testing also provides valuable input into what elements of a website works better for users.

Using this data results in creating a better website and/or user experience for your customers and, ultimately, leads to more users completing your desired website and/or campaign goals.

With granular tracking of specific user-centric variables, data can be used to further optimise campaigns and website experience, leading to better results.

Bizcommunity What does this mean for C2C to be the first in Africa to have this?

Thomas: It’s a great achievement to receive this Google Analytics 360 Reseller accreditation. Considering how many agencies profess to be experts in this field... this license puts us right at the very top of a highly competitive pile.

I am really pleased with this achievement and what it means for our existing (and future clients)... knowledge that their account is being managed by a team that’s pretty much the best Africa has to offer. It shows that Clicks2Customers remains on the forefront of technology and on par with leading international competitors.

Bizcommunity Explain the significance of being an Analytics 360 reseller in your industry?

Thomas: As a digital marketing agency offering multiple services to clients in multiple verticals, ensuring we are at the forefront in all our service offerings to clients is really important to us. Being an Analytics 360 reseller allows us to offer enterprise level web analytics services to our enterprise customers – delivering insights and intelligence that helps them make smarter business decisions.

Bizcommunity 7. What else does the Analytics Suite include?

Thomas: The Analytics suite has multiple products, namely: Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, Google Optimize, Attribution 360, Audience Center and Data Studio.
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