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Taking the lead. Female-first

In the height of calls for more black youth female representation in media ownership, information production, and in decision-making positions, along comes a powerful trio with a vision.
Taking the lead. Female-first

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce the full black youth female leadership team of The Media Krate. Katleho Bontle Motingoe, Lorato Moroke and Xolela Dubeko are the champions taking The Media Krate beyond traditional outdoor advertising. This powerhouse and force of three have a vision to change the landscape of township outdoor media with innovation as a yardstick of their operations.

The dynamic three hail from different townships, yet driven by one dream, to change the landscape of township media and outdoor advertising greatly boosted by innovation and their in-depth understanding of the township environment, people and cultural nuances and the tradition that informs them.

Our three directors and shareholders are not only the power behind The Media Krate but the power behind how we play a principal character in getting advertising clients to appreciate innovation from the township, and demand a different thinking in traditional solutions widely used.

Black youth female led The Media Krate specialises in unusual outdoor media and a practical informal economy route to market solutions, and township audience specific creative recommendations. The Media Krate specialises in platforms that are sure to turn heads and hold a hostage audience, focusing on South African townships, and select presence in urban and affluent suburbs. These platforms include township real estate (wall mural advertising and informal retail branding with digital technologies) along the township consumer journey and path, iconic digital platforms in select and much in demand urban access.

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the township and informal market economy, Katleho, Lorato and Xolela bring a diverse perspective of the largest population group to change the way we see outdoor advertising in various township settings.

Raised in Soweto and ruling in the streets of Jozi, Katleho Bontle Motingoe, founder and chief executive officer of The Media Krate has more than eight years experience in digital marketing, OOH, brand building, eventing, activations, and sales. She has evolved in using those strategies in her career, helping organisations in a variety of different sectors and looks forward to being a pioneers in township media. “We are looking to see how we can help brands know more about their most challenging problems in the informal and township market, and in turn change the narrative and landscape.”

When asked what will make this team different from other female-first leadership teams in the industry, Katleho’s answer is simple: “We’ll be confronting and learning from the dark side. Often women leaders are frowned upon and it’s a known stigma that female leaders always need to fight ten times harder than their male counterparts, and what I’ve learnt is that we need to use our hearts less, I read that ‘winning doesn't make you heartless, it helps you use your heart less’. This stuck with me throughout my career. I always strive to win, using a strategy first approach to make a difference, and change lives.”

Our chief operations officer and co-founder Lorato Moroke, comes from Taung in the North-West Province. Lorato has an impressive and striking knowledge in marketing, account management, logistics and all-round co-ordinating chaos. Lorato is passionate about project implementation and expresses her excitement to bring back the original thought and impactful innovation never seen before.

Lorato explains the meaning behind our name: “The 'krate' is known for being able to carry things, however, in the township, a krate is used multifold; it is multifunctional across various needs. It's used as a chair, a step ladder, table, storage, entertainment tool for 'amapantsula', a door blocker, etc., and this is how the krate represents disruptive, incremental, radical, and sustaining innovation, the very essence of the company that is The Media Krate."

Xolela Dubeko, our chief secretary general, co-founder, and communications general comes from Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape, with a strong background in leadership and communication. We believe what sets this team apart from others is that we are an intentionally innovative, young, black female-led organisation. We are a pioneering outfit that impels our advertising clients and brands to try new things and explore new places to grow their brands with impact advertising and community empowerment, including and empowering young artists in our community,

Together, this phenomenal leadership team is ready to take the industry to new levels, growing clients and empowering our people in the township.

About The Media Krate


Township real estate along the majority consumer journey and hierarchy of roads. This includes:
  • Township wall mural advertising
  • Township informal retail POS including spaza shops, township pharmacy, township bakery, and township independent workshop.
  • All this township real estate is equipped with The Media Krate dynamic Wi-Fi, which includes township Wi-Fi connection, insights generation, reporting and secured database.
  • Digital emakhoneni screens: DOOH formats at the corners spaza shops across the four biggest townships (Soweto, Thembisa, Umlazi and Khayelitsha) – pilot ten weeks to realise.
  • Digital in-transit media: 126 Reya Vaya and 55 Tshwane rapid bus system equipped with The Media Krate dynamic Wi-Fi.
  • Unusual urban iconics: Digital sky balloon – Mushroom Park, Sandton
  • Unusual urban street structures: Big structure on the corner of Sandton Drive and William Nicol, Sandton, and boundary wall at The Johannesburg Zoo.
  • The creative spaza shop: Take-away creative solutions for all township platforms, a collaborative effort with the country’s best creatives hailing from the township with an understanding of cultural nuances to speak to the majority market and township audiences.

The Media Krate
The Media Krate specialises in Unusual Outdoor Media Solutions that are sure-fire to turn heads and hold a hostage audience, focusing on South African Townships, and selected presence in Urban and Affluent Suburbs.

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