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Native advertising will make up one third of magazine revenue, downloadable report

The Native Advertising Institute compiled a recent report, in collaboration with FIPP - the network for global media, on native advertising in the magazine industry. The first global research on native advertising in the magazine industry shows rapid growth in the field.

According to the report, Native Advertising Trends 2016 - The Magazine Industry, 79% of the publishers worldwide expect to grow their 2016 native advertising revenues compared to last year.

“Native advertising is taking off. It will almost double its share of the overall advertising revenues in the magazine publishing industry to 33% in 2018 up from 19% in 2015,” says Jesper Laursen, founder and CEO of Native Advertising Institute (NAI). “It is one of the hottest topics in the publishing industry at the moment. We’re seeing massive budgets being poured into the field and with that a massive need to find out what works and how.”

“The growing importance of native advertising and the opportunities, challenges and threats it generates for the magazine media industry is creating a wide-ranging debate. It is important, therefore, to get more facts and data than emotion and opinion into the argument and that is why FIPP has joined with the Native Advertising Institute to establish benchmarks and trends with the first Native Advertising Trends Report,” explains Chris Llewellyn, president and CEO of FIPP.

Key findings

One hundred and forty magazine media executives from 39 countries took part in the survey making it the largest, most comprehensive report ever on the magazine media industry. Some of the key findings in the report:

  • 52% already offer native advertising and another 37% are likely or even most likely to add it to their advertising or service options
  • In 2018 publishers on average expect that 33% of their total advertising revenues will come from native advertising
  • 16% have received customer complaints because of native advertising

    The report is free for download here.

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