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SA consumers increasingly anxious about finance and health

Deloitte's latest State of the Consumer tracker shows South Africans are currently most concerned about finances - even more so than the health impact of Covid-19...

3 days ago

Consumers spent $900bn more at online retailers globally in 2020

Covid-19 accelerated e-commerce around the globe and forced retailers to shift to digital...

14 Apr 2021

Upsurge in consumer spend on digital services - FNB data

FNB data reveals an upsurge in customers who are spending on home delivery, video and music streaming apps for convenient access to services...

14 Apr 2021

The 5 habits of highly effective advertisers

Kantar's Creative Effectiveness Awards reveals the world's most effective ads of 2020, and what makes them great...

By Daren Poole, Issued by Kantar 14 Apr 2021

When evolving's just not enough: Research company KLA rebrands

Typically for KLA, a South African market research company long known for doing things entirely differently, the latter is what happened. And it turned out that brand evolution wasn't enough: the KLA brand required a total revolution...

Issued by KLA 8 Apr 2021

Agency Scope Insights: Deep, decisive and digital

As the state of post-lockdown business shifts towards more agility and transparency, Agency Scope is responding to the global call for more in-depth data about what it takes for marketers and agencies to add real value...

By Johanna McDowell 1 Apr 2021

What is shaping culture? Conspiracy theories

Why do people believe conspiracy theories, and who is in the wrong?

By Brett Rogers 29 Mar 2021

Basa launches ArtsTrack No. 9 with a curated series of conversations

Focusing both on current cultural policy and cultural investment, Basa kicks off Day 1 of its two-day digital programme with a series of debates and discussions focused on the current cultural landscape and the responsibility on both business and the arts to effect decisive changes for growth in and for both sectors...

Issued by Business and Arts South Africa 26 Mar 2021

Boosting brand purpose by solving value-action gaps in Africa

How do corporations best articulate and act upon their brand purpose, as the interface between corporations and society? By solving the value-action gap, writes Kantar's Adeola Tejumola...

By Adeola Tejumola, Issued by Kantar 25 Mar 2021

Best and worst network providers in SA revealed

The Telco Sentiment Index reveals that some telcos received significantly more negativity than others in 2020 while customer service is an industry-wide issue...

24 Mar 2021

Report reveals marketers struggle to execute multi-channel campaigns

Over half of marketing leaders surveyed worldwide concede they are struggling to effectively execute multi-channel campaigns on both a global and local level...

24 Mar 2021

What is shaping culture? Badging

The term badging has a variety of meanings, and here we are talking about what people badge with to signal status, membership or affiliation with a particular community, movement or organisation...

By Brett Rogers 22 Mar 2021

SA's CEOs optimistic about global economic growth

One year after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, CEOs are voicing record levels of optimism in the global economic recovery, with 76% of global business leaders predicting that economic growth will improve in 2021...

18 Mar 2021

Heartbeat of the nation: Unpacking the domestic perceptions annual findings

Join Brand South Africa on 17 March at 2pm and see how the South African identity and behavioural profile has changed over time...

Issued by Brand South Africa 17 Mar 2021

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