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Join our V5 Africa Webinar: Where are the lightbulbs in a turbulent world with Abdullah Verachia

Join us on 16 July at 12pm for the V5 Africa Webinar, "Where are the lightbulbs in a turbulent world - Crafting competitive strategy in a disruptive world." This live event, featuring renowned expert Abdullah Verachia, promises to provide invaluable insights into navigating and thriving amidst today’s economic, political, and business challenges.
Join our V5 Africa Webinar: Where are the lightbulbs in a turbulent world with Abdullah Verachia

Our esteemed keynote speaker will empower you and your team to spot and seize opportunities in our rapidly changing world.

This webinar offers a unique chance to turn challenges into assets and stay ahead in the digital landscape.

Why choose V5 Africa? Our webinar series offers local and global businesses and entrepreneurs access to world-class knowledge and international trends. It allows you to engage with experts, gain practical advice, and join a community dedicated to shaping the future of industry and technology.

Abdullah Verachia is a sought-after global speaker, advisor, practice strategist and innovator. He is adept at fusing practice, education, insight, empathy and experience together to add significant value at all levels. 

He has presented in over 60 cities worldwide, including prestigious venues like the OECD in Paris and TEDx Euston in London. His deep and impactful facilitation brings clarity and direction, making him a standout in the field of strategic guidance.

Don’t miss out! This V5 Africa Webinar will be your only chance to acquire these exclusive insights. There will be no video recordings available, so be sure to join us live for an engaging and enlightening experience on 16 July!

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