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Woodridge College and Preparatory School launches Eco Smart

Woodridge College and Preparatory School has a vision to become a leading eco-school in South Africa, and a leading globally registered eco-school. To do this, it has briefed Boomtown to create a campaign to launch its Eco Smart program and position the popular independent school as an environmental leader.

“We want to have one of the lowest carbon footprints per educated child, globally,” remarks Woodridge College Headmaster, Derek Bradley. “By investing in reducing our energy consumption, our impact on the environment and promoting environmental awareness we will also create a unique selling point for the school.”

Boomtown created a simple rounded type for the EcoSmart logo with a holding device that represents the cells within nature dividing and growing, as well as the intrinsic link between humans and nature and the need to build a sustainable environment.

Woodridge College and Preparatory School launches Eco Smart

Woodridge has used the impact of the 2017 fires as an opportunity to modernise, rebuild and restore buildings with energy efficiency in mind, and care for the countryside around the school as it recovers from the fires also. “We’re using the tragedy as a positive to learn more about our surroundings, protect the beauty that surrounds us and lessen our impact on the wider environment,” adds Bradley.

Creating a campaign concept, communication plan, identity and content, Eco Smart is being rolled out in a phased approach to its key stakeholders. “By having Eco Smart as a stand-alone brand, Woodridge is able to report on the program’s impact and report to donors on spending as a separate entity from the school,” remarks Boomtown strategic director, Glen Meier. “It also adds value to the school by allowing it to benefit from the program’s initiatives, including educating pupils and parents about reducing their environmental impact.”

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