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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Nairobi sets the stage for premier 2024 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit

    A pivotal continental convergence for sustainable business leadership

    Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) takes great pride in announcing that the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit (ASVLS) will once again be hosted in Nairobi, Kenya, from 24-25 October 2024. This will be the second time the ASVLS takes place in Nairobi, made possible with the support of distinguished local partners.

    This summit, a flagship event of the Shared Value Africa Initiative and facilitated by Shift Impact Africa, aims to be a beacon for companies looking to solidify their roles as catalysts for societal progress through profitable, sustainable business models.

    Tiekie Barnard, the visionary founder and CEO of Shift Impact Africa Group, states: "Since its inception in 2017, the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit has been at the forefront of fostering a new narrative for business in Africa. This event has become a pivotal platform for private sector engagement in sustainable development across the continent and will continue to drive this momentum forward."

    The partnership with Safaricom showcases the summit's calibre, reflecting the tech giant’s enduring commitment to societal transformation in East Africa. Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom, shares: "Our ongoing collaboration with SVAI demonstrates our unwavering resolve to making meaningful contributions to 'the Africa we want'. Safaricom is excited once again to bring our transformative agenda to this prestigious event."

    Nairobi sets the stage for premier 2024 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit

    Nation Media Group (NMG), as a leading African media entity, continues to craft narratives that resonate across Africa. CEO Stephen Gitagama affirms: “At NMG, we are at the forefront of storytelling, shaping the future of Africa. Our support for the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit aligns with our mission to drive a purposeful, impactful African agenda."

    As per the previous Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit, hosted in Kenya in 2019 it will return to Radisson Blu and the national airline, Kenya Airways will once again be the travel partner for the flagship event. As a purpose-driven organisation, delivering on their sustainability and ESG objectives in various ways, alignment with the Summit is evident in a partnership such as this one.

    Emphasising the summit's wide reach, Barnard adds, “This Summit is a convergence of ideas and innovation from across the continent, offering a hybrid experience that promises to extend its impact beyond the borders of Kenya.”

    Nairobi is poised to be more than just the centre to convene leadership from across Africa; it will be where Africa’s Shared Value community charts the course for an era of inclusive business prosperity.

    About Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa Initiative

    Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa initiative lead the charge in advocating and lobbying for integrating Shared Value strategies into the business landscape of Africa, championing economic growth in harmony with societal development.

    For more information on the event and sponsorship, visit https://africasharedvaluesummit.com or contact acirfa.tcapmitfihs@eikeit / +27 82 445 5274.

    About the organisers

    The Shift Impact Africa Group, encompassing Shift Impact Africa and the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI), is a leading African business and advocating consortium advocating for the Shared Value Business Management model. SVAI, with a global reach including India, Hong Kong, Australia, the Americas, and Europe, focuses on creating private sector ecosystems for impactful partnerships and sustainable, ethical business practices, with a strong emphasis on genuine ESG reporting.

    The Shared Value principle, developed by Harvard economists Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, urges businesses to integrate societal and environmental concerns into their core operations, promoting both social justice and environmental sustainability.

    SVAI offers diverse services like training, membership, program development, and strategic alliances, targeting African organisations aiming to tackle SDGs through business solutions. The Shift Impact Africa Group aim to provide tailored solutions to uniquely African challenges.

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