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Women in Business in Africa: Free masterclass with Marianne Lehikoinen

Marianne Lehikoinen, self-made entrepreneur and founder of Smart Mentoring, which specialises in the growth of coaches, creators and consultants, announces her first free masterclass for women in business in Africa. Marianne is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and equity in the business world, and her masterclass will focus on creating a roadmap for building a successful business while providing networking opportunities between Africa and Europe.
Women in Business in Africa: Free masterclass with Marianne Lehikoinen

At the age of 20, Marianne embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with a strong desire to create a life that aligned with her personal values and goals. She envisioned the freedom to work on her own terms and make decisions that best served her business. However, it wasn't until the birth of her daughter at the age of 24 that she found true success, achieving a million-dollar turnover the following year. Still, as a mother and an entrepreneur, Marianne found balancing the two roles to be challenging. This experience taught her the significance of establishing boundaries and delegating tasks, which ultimately led to the acceleration of her business. Marianne is now blessed to lead a team of 15 individuals.

Each woman's path to success in business is as unique as her background and struggles. I am dedicated to helping women navigate these paths and find their own way to success.
- Marianne Lehikoinen

Her personal connection to Africa, through her half-sister in the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), has given her a deep understanding of the struggles women face and the crucial role of social giving in business. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Marianne has used her platform to support women in education and business in at-risk countries through NGOs, and she is excited to take the next step by hosting her first masterclass for women in business in Africa. This free masterclass is in collaboration with Women’s Bank - a non-profit organisation that supports the livelihoods of women in fragile contexts.

In addition to providing valuable business insights, the masterclass will offer co-founding opportunities, collaboration, and networking across Africa and Europe. Marianne's community of business women in Europe will also be invited to participate, creating a unique opportunity for women from different backgrounds to learn from each other and build meaningful connections.

Don't miss this free masterclass, a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women in Africa to learn from Marianne as a successful entrepreneur and from each other.

The masterclass will take place online across Africa and Europe on 11th April 2023.

Register for the masterclass here:

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