UK-South Africa Tech Hub launches virtual training workshops

With analysts predicting that around 60% of South African small and medium-sized enterprises might close before the Covid-19 crisis is over, the UK-South Africa Tech Hub will be launching a virtual training programme starting 21 September 2020 to help tech entrepreneurs prosper and achieve sustainability during this challenging time.
Shirley Gilbey, UK-South Africa Tech Hub Director
The UK-South Africa Tech Hub builds high-end digital and entrepreneurial skills, forging partnerships between local tech sectors and international businesses to stimulate digital economies and capacitate the South African tech ecosystem. It forms part of the International Tech Hub network delivered by DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) under a UK government initiative designed to promote digital inclusion and inclusive growth of the digital ecosystems in partner countries.

The programme will help entrepreneurs build financial sustainability and adaptability into their business models. According to UK-South Africa Tech Hub Director, Shirley Gilbey, “Our aim now is to empower entrepreneurs with relevant skills, tools, and knowledge to help them better respond to the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 and simultaneously turbocharge their entrepreneurial journey.”

Currently, the UK-South Africa Tech Hub is pinpointing gaps and opportunities in order to create specialised and definitive training for tech entrepreneurs who require specific support since they are in a different phase of adapting to Covid-19. At the same time, the organisation is identifying partners, experts and enablers - both locally and globally - that have a vested interest in supporting these businesses and can offer relevant solutions.

The training will equip entrepreneurs with access to tools and resources that can be drawn upon after the programme has concluded. What’s more, after each workshop, participants will have the opportunity to indicate their mentorship needs or areas in which they require further support. These will then be matched with specific mentors and/or mentorship programmes to enhance the training.

Entrepreneurs building technology businesses, or businesses that are digitally enabled are encouraged to apply. Diversity is a key consideration for the UK-South Africa Tech Hub which strives to support female and young entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneurs from rural communities.

Only entrepreneurs with formally registered businesses and a clear technology or digital enablement element are eligible for this programme.

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