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#PrismAwards2020: Meet young voice Samantha Mabaso

In the run-up to the 23rd Prism Awards to be announced virtually on Friday, 15 May, we chatted to this year's cohort of 'young voices' about their fresh approach to the judging process.
In this series of interviews, we find out what they've learnt working alongside the cluster judges (albeit remotely) and what their young minds bring to the virtual table.

2020 Prism Young Voices announced!

Prism Young Voices gives 10 young people an opportunity to be mentored by South Africa's top public relations and communications professionals during the 2020 Prism Awards, in an effort to inspire and upskill them...

Issued by PRISA 13 Feb 2020

“These are tough times we are facing as a country and globally, the cancellation of the Prism Awards is a hard pill to swallow. As an industry we also take a knock, however, if we stay positive, we can use our comms and creative minds to bring positivity and hope.” – Samantha Mabaso, brand associate at DNA Brand Architects, commenting on the cancellation of the physical Awards and the general impact of the pandemic on the industry.

Samantha Mabaso

Here, our interview with Mabaso...

BizcommunityWhat does this recognition and opportunity mean to you?

The recognition of being selected as a young judge means I have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, share a passion, and expand my knowledge of what the industry has to offer.

BizcommunityBriefly tell us about your experience in the industry.

My experience in the industry has not been the easiest journey. I have always been interested and dedicated in the world of creativity, specifically advertising and brand marketing. I have managed to adapt to numerous environments that have pushed me to a space that would make me uncomfortable, but I have prevailed.

BizcommunityComment on the judging process.

The judging process is quite tough, in the sense that you need to immerse yourself in the journey that has been put on paper, and judge it accordingly with a hint of imagination.

BizcommunityWhat has the response been to this year’s entries?

So far so good, with many entries without a clear winner, thus meaning digging deeper to find that one special entry.

BizcommunityWhat makes winning work stand out?

Does the entry meet its stipulated objectives, and best of all does it serve a purpose, with a tinge of possible 'change'?

BizcommunityPrisa also introduced the Student Campaign of the Year in 2016. Why do you think it’s important that PR students are included in such initiatives?

Being recognised early in the industry, not only builds your personal CV as a student, but it builds your confidence as an aspiring practitioner.

BizcommunityWhat do you think young minds bring to the table?

Young minds have a sense of thinking beyond the norm. They challenge the norm. They bring new views to the old ones.

BizcommunityWhat have you learnt working alongside the cluster judges?

I can only speak of my chief judge Nicola through our interactions. Do not be afraid to challenge the entry in all aspects and make connections at all times.

BizcommunityComment on the current state of PR.

In my opinion, PR has a long way to go. With the ever-evolving state of channels to be utilised (e.g. social media platforms), we need to keep up with the times and especially our audience.

As mentioned, the Awards take place on Friday, 15 May. Follow us on Twitter for live updates and visit our Prism Awards special section for other related content and a list of all the winners following the announcement. Here’s the link to our other social media pages, as well as the Prism Awards’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow Samantha Mabaso on Twitter and Instagram.

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