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2018 Eco-Logic Awards finalists announced

After gathering earlier this month, the 2018 Eco-Logic Awards judging panel have selected the finalists in each environmental category. Hosted by The Enviropaedia, the awards will take place on 5 June, World Environment Day, in Tshwane.

“The Eco-Logic Awards promotes the best of South Africa’s eco-champions. This is becoming more and more relevant for consumers today, particularly when you look at just how much they care about the moral and environmental values and behaviour of the brands they choose to support,” says David Parry-Davies, publisher of The Enviropaedia and founder of the awards.

“The Eco-Logic value system is a radically new approach to addressing today’s environmental challenges. It identifies the destructive thinking patterns and values that have led to today’s environmental critical conditions and promotes an alternative set of constructive values and thinking patterns ('The seven virtues of Eco-Logic') that support and benefit people, planet and a green economy."

The 2018 Eco-Logic Awards finalists are:

Biodiversity Award

  • Bearded Vulture Breeding Programme
  • Buffelsdraai Landfill Site Community Reforestation Project
  • Cape Town Environmental Education Trust - Nature Care Fund
  • LAB: Wetlands SA Project
  • LifeScanner Lab-In-A-Box

Climate Change Award

  • EcoBrick Exchange
  • Ecological Regeneration: Vusa Collaborative
  • Energy Systems Joburg Landfill Gas To Electricity Project
  • Pick n Pay
  • Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

Eco-Innovation Award

  • CSIR Bioplastic
  • Rare Earth Recycling Technologies - LPX Luminophorous Powder Processing Plant
  • Reclite – Electronic and Lighting Waste Transportation
  • Touch Tap
  • Zeitz Mocaa Museum

Energy Efficiency Award

  • Elgin Fruit Juice - Anaerobic Digestion Plant
  • Energy Partners - Pick 'n Pay Project
  • Energy Systems Johannesburg - Landfill Gas To Electricity Project
  • Sarebi - The South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator
  • Robben Island Solar PV Microgrid

Recycling and Waste Management Award

  • Isuzu – Zero Waste to Landfill
  • Rambrick
  • The Supa Mama Entrepreneurial Training Project
  • Wild Coast Sun - Zero Waste to Landfill
  • ZuluGal Retro

Transport Award

  • Smart Trucking - Performance Based Standards
  • E-lectric bicycle technology
  • Ford Wildlife Foundation
  • Mechanical Concrete by Tiro Sechaba Construction
  • uGoMyWay

Water Conservation Award

  • Avis Water Conservation
  • EcoLatrine sanitation and waste management solution
  • Liberty Braamfontein - Water Saving Project
  • Table Bay Hotel
  • Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems

Green Economy Award

  • The Greenovate Awards
  • EcoBrick Exchange
  • Toma – Now - Developing the Biomass Value Chain
  • Urban Grown South Africa
  • Wessa Eessay Project

Municipalities Award

  • City of Cape Town Green Bond
  • Ethekwini Black Soldier Fly Technology
  • Saldanha Bay Municipality Recycling Project
  • City of Tshwane Green Building Programme
  • Knysna Municipality Disaster Management

Eco-Youth Award

  • Jukskei River Dirt Catcher – Hannan and Khaleel Akoojee
  • Raise the Baby Rhino with Hunter Mitchell
  • Jacobus van der Linden – Steps to Good Hope
  • Miss Earth South Africa - Eco Bricks
  • Sibusiso Mnisi – Good Work Foundation

Eco-Community Award

  • Cape Town Environmental Education Trust - Conservation Leadership Programme
  • Happitecture: Jonathan Edkins
  • Korsman Conservancy
  • Princess Vlei Forum
  • Urban Grown South Africa

Eco-Angel Award

  • Anthony Asher-Wood (KZN Valley Dogs)
  • Esther van der Westhuizen (Butterfly World Zoo)
  • Linda Tucker (Keeper of the White Lions)
  • Shannon Hoffman (African Raptor Centre)
  • Twin Mosia for the Mamafubedu Greening Project (Elandskop Museum)

Eco-Warrior Award

  • Chris Whyte (Use it Waste)
  • David Hall – (Volunteer Wildfire Services)
  • Patricia Schröder (Reclite SA (Pty) Ltd)
  • Sinegugu Zukulu (Sustaining the Wild Coast)
  • Twin Mawela Mosia (The Ingredients Productions and Elandskop Museum)
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