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Ultimate X action sports festival to be held at Sun City

The Ultimate X (Ult.X) action sports festival will be held at Sun City in the North West from 17-20 May 2018. Twenty-eight countries will be represented in BMX, FMX, and skateboarding, which will see African action sports athletes competing against X Games competitors: Pat Casey (BMX), Tomas Vintr (skate), and Braydon Davies (FMX).

Markus Museler, a founding director of Action Sports Africa, says: “The game has changed, BMX and skateboarding are now Olympic sports. Ult.X is a huge opportunity for local skaters and BMX riders to test their skills against the best international talent and get a feel for what their chances are in the Olympics. We’re building a circuit of events so that as many guys and girls who share the Olympic dream have a shot at making it come true. With the road to 2020 being paved by events like Ult.X, the dream to take sports like BMX and skateboarding from the streets to the flame has never been more tangible.”

Highlights include a world first e-bike pump track activation; Flight Night, which is a Freestyle Motocross (FMX) show; the African BMX & Skateboarding Championships, and the Rolling Retro Surf Celebration at the Valley of Waves. There will also be a 128 player, strong field, hosted at the Lost City Golf Course for the Ult.X Golf Day.

“We are thrilled to be hosting what promises to be the biggest action sports event of 2018, Ult.X. Sun City has really come into its own in the last decade as a host venue for diverse sporting events from triathlons and trail running to cycling events and, now, extreme sports.”

“Participants and spectators alike have convenient access to an array of facilities and hospitality services in one place. Whether it is somewhere to stay, a safe place to park, something to eat or a place to celebrate their achievements, it’s all here at Sun City. Our team is also very well versed in working with organisers to orchestrate large-scale events. We look forward to working with the Ult.X team to put on a supercharged event in May,” says Thapelo Modise, marketing manager at Sun City.

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