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#BizTakeouts: Khumo Theko on corporates and the incoming Gen Z workforce

Khumo Theko, cultural identity trend spotter at Flux Trends was BizTakeouts' podcast guest on Monday, 10 February, recorded at Workshop 17, the Firestaion in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Rutendo Nyamuda and Khumo Theko
Rutendo Nyamuda and Khumo Theko

In this episode, Theko in conversation with host Rutendo Nyamuda, questions whether corporates are prepared for the incoming Gen Z workforce.

For me the bigger question is: 'Can traditional structures be liberal enough to actually appreciate and set up systems that are inclusive to everybody else’s dynamic thoughts and differences?’.
The episode also discusses other generations, including Generation M – young Muslims bringing a modern perspective to their religion, as well as Generation Alpha – the children of Millennials born between 2011 and 2025.

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