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Airbnb sees leap in older generation hosts and guests

Numbers from Airbnb reveal a leap in growth in the over 60s age group, both in hosts and guests, with an almost 1,100% growth in the number of experiences hosted by seniors globally, and a 260% increase in experience bookings by over 60s worldwide from last year.
© Oleksandr Prykhodko
The sharp growth in hosting in particular might partly be attributed to the long-lasting positive impacts of sharing with others a piece of your community, culture and life passions, through unique, one-of-a-kind experiences, says Dr Marc Agronin, a geriatric psychiatrist

“Interacting with people from other places and ways of life stimulates our brains and inspires us to learn new ways of speaking and interacting. Learning words from a new language is a wonderful brain exercise. These encounters broaden our perspectives and enhance our well-being.”

Yet of all the types of experiences on offer, it may come as no surprise that the category seniors are most likely to host have an element of social impact, where 100% of the proceeds goes back to the organisation it benefits.

Elders around the globe are also welcoming the opportunity to get outside their comfort zone – particularly in the music, arts and lifestyle categories – Agronin says brings a new sense of freedom and liberation. “It only takes one new experience to awaken and engage these age-given strengths, boosting our self-confidence and providing the motivation to re-invent ourselves.”
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