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PPS launches academy for medical and healthcare professionals

The Professional Provident Society (PPS), the financial services group that exclusively serves graduate professionals, has established the South African Health Business Academy (Sahba), reportedly the first institution of its kind in South Africa dedicated to medical and healthcare professionals. Sahba aims to enable emerging and established private practice principals to build and grow future-ready businesses.
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The academy’s sustained training programme commences in November 2023 in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The curriculum is designed to support health professionals as they progress through their career stages, from public to private practice, growing established practices, through to preparation for practice succession. As Sahba grows in strength, PPS will introduce additional, tailored value-added programmes and masterclasses.

PPS has secured the services of a renowned thought leader in medico business, financial and lifestyle models, Steven Macarounas, as programme director of Sahba. Macarounas and his team of consultants and educators from the Business Money Life Institute in Australia, together with a network of South African business and financial subject matter experts, will guide the healthcare and medical community to build sound business and financial lives.

Transformational impact on the healthcare sector

The initial three events are the Transition to Practice course designed for those transitioning from public to private health practice; the Practice and Personal Growth Strategies course which will explore emerging healthcare and lifestyle models for doctors in established practice and provide strategies required for business and lifestyle success; and the Practice Succession Planning retreat to help maximise the value embedded in the practice to achieve saleable, transferrable value.

“We have long held the belief that knowledge supports informed decision-making. Sustained education is the key to success and buys you options if you want your business to operate at its full potential,” says Izak Smit, PPS Group CEO.

“PPS is built on supporting professionals and returning value to them through mutual success. For a business to operate at its full potential, it needs to have a fair degree of entrepreneurial spirit and framework.

“Through Sahba, we aim to facilitate a curriculum of educational events with transformational impact by addressing healthcare professionals' business, financial and lifestyle challenges and opportunities at different stages of their careers. These include those transitioning from public to private practice, those already in private practice who seek to unlock operational efficiencies and growth, and mature practice principals contemplating retirement and practice succession,” adds Smit.

Overview of cohorts and curriculum themes

Cohort 1 - ‘Transition to Practice in an Age of Disruption’ is designed for those transitioning from public to private healthcare practice. The curriculum will explore themes in the changing face of healthcare delivery and provide comprehensive training on the fundamental principles, strategies and actions required to successfully establish, manage, and grow a healthcare business and personal life.

Timing: Johannesburg: 10-12 November 2023, and Cape Town: 17-19 November 2023.

Cohort 2 – ‘Practice Growth Strategies – An exploration of emerging healthcare and lifestyle models’ is suited to doctors established in practice. The course will address why growth is crucial for survival and the mindset and strategies required for business and lifestyle success. Amongst the themes that will be explored are how to be a leader in healthcare disruption; the role of data science and business intelligence; the group, multi-discipline and multi-site practice and contracted doctors: attracting, nurturing, retaining and creating a path to equity, amongst others.

Timing: Johannesburg: 11-12 November 2023, and Cape Town: 18-19 November 2023.

Cohort 3 – ‘Practice Succession – maximising the value embedded in the practice to achieve saleable, transferrable value’. Delegates will gain a deep understanding of the following themes: the characteristics of a saleable practice; the re-imagined Medical practice – understanding and embracing disruption; improving practice efficiency; securing and optimising your referral relationships; engaging and motivating your people and managing the risk of sale amongst others.

Timing: Cape Town: 21-23 June 2024.

“In an age of global disruption, the healthcare industry in South Africa is faced with not only addressing the healthcare gap in our society, but the changing face of healthcare delivery, driven by the confluence of consumer demand, advancing technology and thought leadership escalated by COVID-19,” concludes Smit.

Sahba is open to all medical and healthcare-related professions.

Contact Steven Macarounas ( for more information.

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