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How ensure you're on the right career path

Choosing a career path is one of the most important and possibly difficult decisions we will ever have to make, and has long-standing implications for our future. That is why it is critical to do an aptitude test to clarify your strongest skills and find your place in the job market.
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Here are a few reasons why Monash South Africa’s free online aptitude test could be the beginning of your future.

It’s all about you

Does your father want you to be a lawyer or do you come from a family of doctors? An aptitude test takes away the pressure some of us have to follow a certain path by focusing only on you. An aptitude test is your moment to be honest about what your interests and strengths are.

It takes your personality into account

A strong aptitude test asks a few targeted questions to help define your personality. Certain personalities perform better in an office environment, while others are more suited to working on their own or in a small group. Some personalities thrive with facts and figures while others are energised through working with people. Our test will take this into account when plotting the options for your ideal career path.

It will define what you’re good at

Your aptitude is defined as your natural knowledge, skills or ability to do something. Not all of us have a clear idea of the career we want to enter, or even our greatest strengths! By following the prompts and answering the questions on the online aptitude test, we will be able to identify marketable and employable skills that you didn’t even know you had. Best of all, the test will guide you towards the career path that matches your skills. Bear in mind that while your aptitude forms an important part of figuring out what your future holds, other elements such as your personality, interests and family background will also be influential.

You will finish with a clear idea of potential career paths

Our online aptitude test will provide you with an opportunity to better understand your interests and skills. This, along with career guidance, will identify a number of ideal career paths for you to choose from. Some options may confirm a preference you already had, and some may introduce new possibilities. Armed with this knowledge, you will have a clearer indication of your path going forward to make the most of your talents.

Many students find the test a helpful start to their budding careers. However, it is also OK to still need more clarification on which path is best for you. If this is the case, you could consider booking an appointment with an educational psychologist who can conduct further testing, interpret the results and provide you with further insights on your aptitude profile.

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