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Is the bottled water market drying up?

The perception of the typical consumer is that water will always be readily available when required - turn open a tap and fill your glass or bottle. However, South Africa has recently experienced multiple droughts and dam levels have reached an all-time low in 2016 forcing water restrictions to be put in place. Does this mean that the bottled water, like tap water resources, are likely to be limited in upcoming years?

Insight Survey’s latest SA Bottled Water Industry Landscape Report 2016 carefully unfolds the global and local bottled water markets. It investigates the key markets and consumer trends on a local and global level. It looks at the latest available information in order to present an objective insight into the South African bottled water market.

In 2015, the total global consumption of bottled water was estimated to be 280 billion litres and is expected to grow by a 7.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to 391 billion litres in 2017. The two largest markets are that of China with a 20% market share and the US with 19%. However, the strongest growth is expected to come from developing markets such as Mexico and Thailand. Africa, which is currently sharing 11% of the market with the Middle East, also offers some opportunity for growth.

Source: ; Insight Survey; Graphics by
Source: Statista; Insight Survey; Graphics by Insight Survey

South Africa’s bottled water industry is still very small compared to global markets. One European bottler’s production equals South Africa’s total annual volume. Around 80-100 bottlers are active in South Africa, collectively producing almost 500 million litres of bottled water. The South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA) was established in 1997 and implemented multiple legislations to prevent South Africa from running out of natural spring resources.

Source: , ; Graphics by Insight Survey
Source: AMPS, Insight Survey; Graphics by Insight Survey

South Africa has been experiencing a decline in bottled water purchasing among South African Adults (16+ years), from 41% in 2011 to 37% in 2015, despite the recent increase in temperatures. The weak economy and cost factors have been key industry restraints.

However, many support projects have been put in place in 2016 to supply bottled water to the drought stricken provinces within South Africa. These projects include Operation Hydrate, Gift of the Givers and Water Shortage South Africa (to name a few). These projects are likely to help grow bottled water sales in 2016, despite the scarcity of tap water.

The SA Bottled Water Industry Landscape Report (93 pages) provides a dynamic synthesis of industry research, examining the local and global Bottled Water industry from a uniquely holistic perspective, with detailed insights into the entire value chain – from manufacturing to retail and consumption. The report includes research across the Bottled Water industry: Sparkling, Still and Flavoured.

Some key questions the report will help you to answer:

  • What are the current market dynamics of the global Bottled Water industry?
  • What are the SA Bottled Water industry trends, drivers, and restraints?
  • Who are the key manufacturers and retail players in the SA Bottled Water industry?
  • What are the prices of popular Bottled Water brands at various retail outlets in SA?
  • What are the consumption trends (2011-2015) and forecasts (2016-2019) in the Bottled Water industry?

Please note that the 93-page PowerPoint report is available for purchase for R25,000 (excluding VAT). Alternatively, individual sections can be purchased for R7,500 (excluding VAT). For additional information simply contact us at az.oc.yevrusthgisni@ofni or directly on (021) 045-0202.

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