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How to maximize your business with video content

Video marketing has risen in popularity to become one of the most efficient methods for businesses to deliver their marketing messages and, more importantly, to expand their companies. The internet is saturated with content, and marketers who think outside the box are usually the ones who come out on top in this overcrowded digital space. But what type of video content stays relevant and appealing to your audience?
How to maximize your business with video content

Calvin Fisher, owner of Pandabomb, shares some ways to promote your business in the forever expanding digital world.

1. Short social media videos

Promoting your business through social media has proven to be a huge success for thousands of businesses all over the world. One great example is ‘How To’ videos: when done properly, these videos can be captivating and informative. A video like this can also help your audience better understand your products or services. Posting this type of content on your social media accounts will engage viewers and encourage them to seek more information about your business.

Just remember to add a short call-to-action message at the end of your video in order to attract more viewers to look at your website. Just a tip: Add a free trial to your product or service on your website - this is a sure way to get more prospects interested.

2. Customer testimonial videos

Another effective way to showcase your business is through customer testimonial videos. These videos are relatable because they show your business from another perspective - through the eyes of a customer. When researching the right product to buy, people often look for reviews to help make an informed buying decision. With testimonials, the level of credibility is a lot higher because the prospects can see your customers, hear their opinions, and listen to them explain why they’re happy with your products.

3. Virtual events

Virtual and online events are becoming more popular in today’s digital world. And, it’s easy to see why: when done properly, they allow businesses to reach a global audience with hundreds of people in different places and different time zones. The best thing about these events is that they can be hosted on a wide variety of platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype and GoToMeeting. Many of these options are free or offer a tiered plan based on your needs and budget.

The pandemic has negatively impacted many industries all over the world; however, the video marketing industry has had a huge boost because of it. With in-person events being put on hold due to the coronavirus, many companies had to adapt by moving their events online.

Not only is this a way of sustaining a business during lockdowns associated with the pandemic, but it could also offer a significant boost to the business for the future.

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