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KFC Ziphathe Grand campaign encourages SA to take a break

As the year-end rush kicks in and the year-long sprint comes to an end, we may just forget to take a break and treat ourselves. To encourage more South Africans to take a breather, KFC has launched the Ziphathe Grand KFC Treats campaign.

The conversation about the need for relaxation and taking time off has become a global one with social media platforms such as YouTube introducing bedtime reminders for users to take a break from screen time. Portugal recently instituted right to rest laws to maintain a healthy balance between work and life.

In the spirit of self-care and taking time to relax, KFC has embarked on its Ziphathe Grand campaign which encourages the public to find respite even in the small things whether it’s watching your favourite series, taking a walk with friends, or enjoying a small ice cream treat.

To ignite the conversation about the importance of prioritising breaks, KFC partnered with renowned Mamelodi Sundowns senior coach, Steve Komphela. As part of this self-care focused campaign, Steve Komphela shared his pearls of wisdom on how South Africans can take a break from the endless grind and treat themselves at little cost. On the field and social media platforms, Komphela is known as a self-care advocate who is always ready to share his insights on the need to prioritise our well-being by treating ourselves.

In the campaign ads that Komphela has been featured in, he shares his self-care advice and his secret to success, looking after yourself. “There is only one of you, refresh your perspective,” he said.

Suhayl Limbada, marketing director KFC South Africa, said, “We are a feel-good brand through and through and our Sundae Treats are deliciously feel-good, all wrapped up in a cup. Partnering with Steve was a natural fit - he is a voice for the people just as we are a brand for the people, and we hope that his wise words remind people that small breaks are just as important as the grind.”

Taking a break has immense benefits such as improving productivity and helping you to stay focused while also boosting creativity. Taking the time to rest and slow down during the day has many mental health benefits including reducing stress and lifting your mood, and one of the best ways to take a quick “breather is by grabbing a good snack or treat.

To expand the conversation about the importance of rest and self-care, KFC teamed has also teamed up with social media influencers who are encouraging South Africans to take as little as 5-10 minutes to unwind before returning to their busy schedules and treat themselves and in doing so, why not start with a KFC summer treat! The #ZiphatheGrand social media drive garnered almost 19m impressions and over 11,500 engagements across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and earned media.

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