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Remote-work visas will shape the future of work, travel and citizenship

Smaller countries have been competing for tourists for years. New remote work visas suggest they are now competing for citizens...

By Dave Cook 7 Sep 2020

Public Works launches database to help fight unemployment

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) has launched a database for unemployed youth, professionals and artisans throughout the country...

31 Aug 2020

Turbulent times need agile, cost-effective staffing solutions

How exactly can you achieve lowered staffing risk and increased agility in a highly regulated, high-risk economy...

By Phillipa Geard, Issued by RecruitMyMom 17 Aug 2020

[REPORT]: Secondary education prepares youth for the future of work

Now is the time to rethink secondary education systems to ensure Africa's youth have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the workforce...

14 Aug 2020

6 tips for interns working remotely

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended life as we know it and brought about great uncertainty and unpredictability in our professional and personal lives. As the pandemic accelerates towards its peak across the country, many companies have made the decision to let staff work remotely...

29 Jul 2020

Umuzi supports SMMEs to access tech talent by launching the Digital Talent Pipeline Programme

Umuzi has been working with leading employers across the country to build a digital talent pipeline for web development, data science, data engineering, UI design, digital copywriting and UX strategy...

Issued by Umuzi 21 Jul 2020

How having a personal website can help your job hunt

There are plenty of reasons to build a website of your own - from using it to promote your side hustle as a coder or graphic designer, to blogging about your interests for fun and kudos. One great use for a website you might not have thought about is using it to help secure your desired job...

By Selina Bieber 23 Jun 2020

5 online networking habits to avoid

2020 has seen significant, sweeping changes to the way we work and network, and along with that, we've had to adjust to new ways of meeting and networking...

11 Jun 2020

Tips to interviewing in new world of job hunting

Recruitment continues regardless of our current constraints - it's a case of adapting to the new way of doing things which is, of course, mostly via video conference. While people are still figuring out the rules of recruiting via video conference, here is some advice for candidates...

By Lorna Mangel 1 Jun 2020

Corporate savvy - What you need to know to climb the corporate ladder

The shadow organisation and its associated dynamics can make or break your career...

By Jeff Lomey 15 May 2020

Six ways to survive losing your job by finding yourself

Knowing why job loss makes us feel so awful is key to understanding how to deal with it. One study published in Frontiers in Psychology showed that job loss can have the same psychological and health consequences as those arising during the grieving process...

15 Apr 2020

5 ways we can utilise millennials' communication style during the Covid-19 lockdown

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown in response to the rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the country....

By Chanell Kemp 24 Mar 2020

5 reasons to join a growth-stage startup

If you're itching to take the next step in your career, you might want to explore the opportunities that are being offered in South Africa's thriving startup scene...

By Jeanne du Plessis 2 Mar 2020

The equity myth and how to use BEE to achieve an exit

Based on our own experience as Pula Capital, we believe that BEE can actually be a very positive vehicle for change, equity growth and exit...

Issued by Pula Capital Partners 12 Feb 2020

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