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5 tips to connecting with your manager

Have you found yourself disconnected from your manager? Deadlines are under pressure, the virtual world is blurring the relationship...

By Lizette Volkwyn 22 Jul 2021

WATCH: Sivuka Youth offers inspiration and guidance, helping SA youth find their voice in the world of work

In this BizTakeouts interview Ashalia Maharajh, the founder and director of Sivuka Youth, discusses the company's introspective, self-first approach to fundamental topics to develop SA's youth and tackle unemployment...

Issued by Sivuka Youth 20 Jul 2021

Interview tips and hacks - Everything you need to know

Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, shares her top job interview tips, including the different types of interviews you can expect, what goes into proper preparation, common questions asked as well as what to avoid...

Issued by Rosebank College 13 Jul 2021

The Cinderella problem - the cost to business of the employee-role mismatch

Right shoe, wrong foot? That's the Cinderella story and in the Brothers Grimm version the evil stepsister cuts off her toe to fit the foot into the shoe. Cinderella is not just one story dating back in time - there are multiple versions across multiple cultures...

Issued by Prime Reason 5 Jul 2021

Sivuka Youth uses training and coaching to address our youth unemployment crisis

In just three years, Sivuka Youth have individually coached over 1,000 young people, facilitated 10 corporate youth work readiness programmes for corporates in the country - which consisted of about 220 young delegates...

Issued by Sivuka Youth 23 Jun 2021

4 tips for first-time job seekers

In my career, I have seen many people getting stuck, settling for a job just because it is the first one available. This is not necessarily the best approach...

By Anja van Beek 8 Jun 2021

The science in getting a job - 5 main reasons for unsuccessful job applications

Looking for a job is a job in itself. From coping with the disheartening "no's" to learning how to navigate the job search environment, the process requires perseverance...

By Jeannette Campbell 14 May 2021

When your dream job is a nightmare

What happens when you land your dream job but it turns out to be anything but?

By Lisa Cohen and Sandra E. Spataro 12 May 2021

The dos and don'ts of creating exceptional cover letters and CVs

Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, takes us through the ins, outs and benefits of an excellent cover letter and CV, as well as key elements that should not be included, the importance of attention to detail and keeping applications relevant and to the point...

Issued by Rosebank College 3 May 2021

Jobs Connect - expanded workforce development programme - launches in CT

The City of Cape Town yesterday launched the Jobs Connect Workforce Development Programme - a work placement initiative that aims to create job opportunities for Cape Town residents...

29 Apr 2021

3 careers to consider if you want to permanently WFH

After the experiences of last year, many people returning to the office are reconsidering their priorities and vision for their future...

21 Apr 2021

Practical tips on how to prepare for your job search

Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, offers useful tips on everything job seekers need to know and do when starting their job search...

Issued by Rosebank College 14 Apr 2021

Expert advice on how to prepare for and excel in the world of work

Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, shares details of the college's Graduate Empowerment Programme, how the college prepares students for the world of work and the impact that Covid-19 has had on education and employment...

Issued by Rosebank College 23 Mar 2021

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