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Travellers called to comply with SA's import regulations

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has called all international travellers, who will be visiting or returning to South Africa during the Easter holidays, to comply with the country's import requirements for agricultural and related regulated products...

1 day ago

#WTMA19: Keith Jenkins on what travel influencers are getting right and wrong

According to iambassador founder and CEO Keith Jenkins, marketing influencers in the travel industry are either executing their content mind-blowingly well or mind-bogglingly bad...

By Maroefah Smith 15 Apr 2019

4 common mistakes companies make when booking travel

Flight Centre Business Travel Brand Leader, Andrew Grunewald shares four of the most common mistakes SMEs make when booking travel...

By Andrew Grunewald 9 Apr 2019

The golf addiction - A course in business travel

Business is stressful, and stress is not something you want to flirt with. In a health-conscious world, more and more people are looking for a work-play balance that helps to ease the strain and provide food for the soul at the same time...

By Avukile Mabombo 8 Apr 2019

Why the timeshare option 'makes perfect sense'

The timeshare industry, which is one of the earliest and largest examples of collaborative consumption, is a true backbone of the economy, according to the Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa (VOASA)...

Issued by Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa 5 Apr 2019

Know your visa costs to these popular destinations in 2019

While popular domestic airlines continue to offer affordable domestic flights across South Africa, if you plan to travel internationally on a South African passport anytime this year you'll need to include your visa costs in your budget...

Issued by Domestic Flights South Africa 3 Apr 2019

Errant foreign exchange traders sanctioned

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) has imposed administrative sanctions on three authorised dealers in foreign exchange with limited authority (ADLAs)...

3 Apr 2019

2019 Henley Passport Index: Top global passports revealed, SA improves ranking

South Africa has ranked 51st on the 2019 Henley Passport Index, occupying third place in sub-Saharan Africa...

29 Mar 2019

Travel and accommodation trends to watch in 2019

Garnet Basson, Chief Operating Officer of The Capital Hotels and Apartments identifies several trends in hotels and accommodation that are likely to impact the industry during in 2019...

28 Mar 2019

Travelling children of today is the future of tourism

Investing in travelling children of today is shaping the future of tourism...

By Phindile Makwakwa 27 Mar 2019

New travel show for Vox Africa

Vox Africa has launched a new travel show hosted by UK comedian Eddie Kadi...

26 Mar 2019

Safari tourism may make elephants more aggressive - but it's still the best tool for conservation

Countries such as South Africa and Kenya receive two to five million visitors to protected areas each year, generating receipts of up to $90m. But as it becomes more popular worldwide, it's worth remembering that we often don't know how tourism affects the animals we observe...

By Isabelle Szott and Nicola F. Koyama 25 Mar 2019

How to build a corporate culture for your remote team

Did you know that almost 80% of knowledge workers worldwide work at least one day of each week remotely? By 2020, analysts expect that more than 1,3-billion people will work remotely...

By Dorine Reinstein 20 Mar 2019

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