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Must love dogs: understanding your audience and their value

OFM celebrates its 38th birthday in 2024. Since 1986, the brand has become a trusted friend in the lives and households of its listeners within Central South Africa. Central South Africa is the OFM broadcast footprint that covers the Free State, the Northern Cape, the North West and the Vaal.
Must love dogs: understanding your audience and their value

While the brand supports several industries within the OFM footprint, OFM is ‘proudly-Agri’. So much so that it commits its 5am to 6am slot to agriculture every day, and the 6pm to 7pm slot to the region’s business interests, often related to the business of agriculture. The remainder of the day is focused on the lifestyles of the people it broadcasts to (SEM 7+/Age 25+).

The brand is also the media partner of the GrainSA NAMPO Harvest Day. This is an agricultural event that attracted 86,474 visitors over four days in 2024 – as well as 865 exhibitors. All this in the interest of farming. OFM is also a media partner to farming-related events the Bloem Show and the Bielie Mielie Fees.

The OFM brand, as well as the broadcast region itself, attracts the investments of South Africa’s top 100 companies.

OFM’s audience is of particular interest to the economy of South Africa, from the goods and resources that the region produces, to the items that it consumes. A secondary market that packs a punch, enough to hold to the interest of the Shoprite Group and the McDonald's Corporation, among others.

BrandMapp identified that OFM’s 300,000 strong audience mostly hold down a full-time job or drive their own businesses (2023). They also invest in sideline operations that generate additional incomes. They present a portfolio of investments and assurances of varying capacities, and believe largely in giving back and investing in their communities. This is the Central South African citizen. They are predominantly happy with life and plan to holiday locally or abroad within the next year. They are into family, food, and celebration, but above all, they love dogs. This big sky country, uncluttered by skyscrapers, paves the way for ‘Living the Real Good Life’.

This is a sub positioning of the OFM brand that speaks to this vast region, which is characterised by its enviable space to breathe and time to focus on what matters most. This is where the freedom to enjoy a more balanced life is not only possible, but is lived every day. It is a shared spirit in the belief that a good life is made up of many, often smaller, moments of pure fun, real connection, contribution to others, and moments of meaning. The OFM brand exists to connect and amplify this sense – a desire to live the best quality of life in every moment.

By reflecting this culture in Central South Africa for the past 38 years, OFM understands its audience. This in turn allows the brand to access that which the audience holds closest to them, and use these insights to build a connection, and in turn develop an economy. It the understanding of this, that allows OFM to ‘get’ the OFM listener and pass on this knowledge.

OFM is ‘The Sound of Your Life’ to anyone residing within it.

Tim Thabethe is OFM's programme manager and has extensive experience in radio production and presenting.

OFM Radio
OFM, is Central South Africa's premier commercial radio station, offering a mix of music, news and entertainment. The station serves the affluent SEM 7+ economically active marketplace with a broadcast footprint across the Free State, Northern Cape, southern Gauteng and North West.
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