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NFTs and Web 3.0 to shape Africa's future in 2022
Source: Wunderman Thompson
Microsoft to buy gaming company Activision Blizzard for R1tn
Source: Supplied
#BizTrends2022: Change is trending
Real estate in the metaverse is booming
5 marketing trends to look out for in 2022
Shoppers spent $1.14tn online globally over 2021 holiday season - Salesforce
Rebecca Pretorius, Country Manager for Crimson Education South Africa
#BizTrends2022: 5 powerful video trends = 5 big opportunities. Are you ready?
Source: Sergey Soldatov -
#BizTrends2022: 21st century learning - waves of trends!
#BizTrends2022: Despite climate change concerns, bright outlook for agriculture
#BizTrends2022: 6 tech trends that will shake up the aviation sector
Instagram global VP of Marketing, Melissa Water
#BizTrends2022: Radio steps into a power pose
Virtual sneakers produced by RTFKT. Source: RTFKT
#BizTrends2022: Digital transformation is dead! What's next?
#BizTrends2022: Fasten your seatbelt for the metaverse with Bronwyn Williams
Meta, Africa No Filter partner to boost VR content creators in Africa
The metaverse and data privacy: Will regulation keep up?
The metaverse - to boldly go where no retailers have gone before
What to expect from BizTrends 02.02.2022
The metaverse explained
#BizTrends2022: Gaming is not a game anymore
Ogilvy reveals the key influence trends for 2022 in new report
#PulpNonFiction: Imaginary empires; real lessons
Facebook changes corporate name to Meta in major rebrand
The impact of the rise of the metaverse on brands
Sold out collection for first African metaverse
The One Club launches dedicated gaming discipline
Facebook is planning to change its name - Report
Source: ©Michal Bednarek
First African metaverse launches
7 tech companies to be showcased to potential investors at summit
How can brands use NFTs to engage with South African consumers?
Forbes Africa celebrates 10 years with NFT cover
Into The Metaverse; a roadmap of adland
All you ever wanted to know about NFTs but were afraid to ask
All you ever wanted to know about NFTs but were afraid to ask

HaveYouHeard Durban managing director Kirsty Bisset unpacks the five most important things you should know about NFTs...

Issued by HaveYouHeard 5 Aug 2021

Welcome to the metaverse - the ultimate crossover
Summit to stimulate investment into Africa
The One Club offers special SA pricing for all-access to Creative Week 2021
#PulpNonFiction: Standing up in flatland
#BizTrends2021: Dion Chang: How do we prepare for a better normal?
Leading women on stage at SingularityU Online Summit 2020
SingularityU Online Summit to contribute to SME growth in 2020
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