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#ATM2024: Telemedicine and VR revolutionise medical tourism

One of the pivotal insights to come from this year's Arabian Travel Market is that the medical tourism industry is expected to grow to more than $200bn by 2027.
Source: Pixabay

This significant growth trajectory is fueled mainly by the travel sector having welcomed telemedicine into its fold.

To this end, both virtual reality and augmented-reality technologies make the provision of remote healthcare services possible.

Combining real-world care with virtual care has the potential to improve patient-care delivery, and broaden the scope of medical travel.

They enable prospective patients to preview their procedures, surgery theatres and rehabilitation rooms remotely, broadening the scope of medical travel.

Furthermore, telemedicine offers virtual consultations, enabling patients to familiarise themselves with medical staff, assess procedures, treatment plans, and recovery expectations.

The metaverse also facilitates connections among patients undergoing similar pre- or post-surgery experiences, fostering a supportive environment for mental health and optimism.

This strategy enhances patient experience and long-term care, reducing the need for frequent in-person appointments.

Ultimatetely, integrating virtual and augmented reality into medical tourism via the metaverse could drastically transform patient-care delivery.

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