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'Project Everyone' campaign hopes to spark awareness of UN's Global Goals

The United Nations (UN) will launch its new 'global goals' to end poverty, injustice and climate change through sustainable development on 25 September 2015 in the presence of 193 leaders. The mission of the Global Goals campaign is to communicate the goals to '7 billion people in 7 days', following their launch at the UN.

In an effort to make the goals famous, Richard Curtis, British filmmaker, humanitarian and campaigner will launch 'Project Everyone', utilising the power of cinema in order to engage the global cinema audience.

He has entered into a founding partnership with SAWA to launch the 'First Ever Global Cinema Ad Campaign'. Sir John Hegarty has conceived and developed the idea for the cinema ad, which will screen across SAWA member territories around the world from the release of the goals on 25 September.

'Project Everyone' campaign hopes to spark awareness of UN's Global Goals

Curtis said, "The Global Goals could be an amazingly important, effective and practical to-do list for the planet. In working together to achieve them, we can be the first generation to end poverty, the most determined to fight injustice and inequality and the last to live with the threat of climate change. However, its predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals, snuck into the world in 2000 and was not famous until 2005. What we hope to achieve with the Global Goals campaign is, in movie language, a huge opening weekend - we want to have a Star Wars / Titanic / Avengers type of opening for the Goals. If we achieve that, we will be a big step closer to the goals themselves being effective. Our partnership with SAWA in the "First Ever Global Cinema Ad" is a fantastic opportunity to help us do this."

Screening in 30 countries

The ad titled #WEHAVEAPLAN will influence viewers to help share the goals. Through SAWA Global Cinema Advertising Association members, it will become the first cinema ad campaign to screen in 30 countries. The cinema ad will be mixed in Dolby Atmos, Dolby's award-winning sound technology, which places and moves sounds anywhere in the theatre, including overhead, to make audiences feel as if they are inside the movie or advert that they are watching. Together with CINIME, the company connecting the power of the big screen to the magic of the small screen in other markets, it will be a cinematic experience.

The SAWA partnership provides the Global Goals campaign with a unique opportunity to target a highly active and engaged audience all over the world. The partnership comes at an exciting time for the cinema industry, 2015 is expected to be one of the biggest years in cinema with international blockbusters lined up to attract millions of cinemagoers to the box-office and set to deliver record results.

GM of SAWA Cheryl Wannell considers the partnership as pivotal in proving the power of the medium. "We are excited to announce this partnership in what will go down in history as not only an amazing campaign but also a game changer for the cinema advertising medium and the biggest undertaking SAWA has ever done. Through SAWA, we are able to coordinate 'Project Everyone' as the first global cinema campaign demonstrating the power and relevance of the cinema advertising medium."

Tshireletso Yvonne Diogo, Marketing Manager Cinemark adds, "Cinema is known to give high impact to messaging in an environment conducive to do exactly that. This is the best platform to magnify the UN Global Goals to an audience that has the resources to act on this critical message for the benefit of all humanity. Representing more than 65% of the total cinema market locally, we are proud to take the lead on this initiative for South Africa. Our network of Ster-Kinekor cinemas, including those that are independently owned presents a powerhouse, ready and able to contribute to cinema making history through the First Global Cinema Ad Campaign."

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