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Meetings Africa's BONDay to provide educational sessions for attendees

On Monday, 24 February 2020, a Business Opportunities Networking Day (BONDay) will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on the eve of Meetings Africa 2020, which will be running from 25-26 February. BONDay will offer exhibitors and buyers the opportunity to engage with captains of the industry who will provide insights into how they can advance their businesses.

BONDay will feature two streams of talks:

Stream 1: Enabling Your Business Growth within a Flourishing Business Events Industry, aimed at new entrants into the Business Events industry who have a foothold in the industry, but are still in the process of establishing their organisations. The session will provide insights into capacity building and how to leverage innovations and collaborations.

Stream 2: Enhancing Your Business Strategy to achieve Competitive Advantage, aimed at experienced members within the field of Business Events, who have grown established organisations and are looking for strategic ways in which to further establish points of difference. The session aims to shed light on the continental value proposition and how we collectively contribute to creating shared value.

Both streams will feature Ted Talks, panel discussions and case study presentations. Some of the enriching topics to be discussed on BONDay will include:

• Examining how technology could be used to improve business delivery at business events.

• Leveraging investment into the business events industry.

• Professional development and capacity building.

• Building Africa’s value proposition and the global economy.

• Africa’s readiness to host business events.

• Developing an inclusive and sustainable business events industry in Africa.

The BONDay schedule is available on the Meeting Africa app.

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