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Sun Exchange to solar power several Western Cape schools

Supported by the Western Cape Department of Education and the Western Cape Department of Economic Opportunities, Sun Exchange has announced plans to solar power several Western Cape schools via its global funding platform. The first school in the series will be Protea Heights Academy in Cape Town.

Through Sun Exchange, people across the globe will be able to purchase solar cells which are then installed on the roof of schools and other organisations in developing regions. Solar cell owners earn an income stream from the electricity generated, while schools gain access to clean energy.

Protea Heights Academy, a school of the Western Cape Department of Education, specialises in maths, sciences and technology. “Our school is a place where learners are empowered to compete globally and solve global problems,” said Wendy Horn, principal of Protea Heights Academy. “With our focus on technology and innovation, it is a natural progression to transition the school away from fossil fuels.”

“The solar project supports the school’s goal to produce global citizens who embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. Having the world come to our school, through investment, is a massive achievement. Sun Exchange and its members are helping us make that transition, by making solar accessible and affordable,” says Horn.

The Protea Heights project will be the eighth Sun Exchange solar project in South Africa.

“Sustainability and the global transition to clean energy are at the core of our mission,” said Abraham Cambridge, founder and CEO of Sun Exchange. “By solar powering schools across Africa, we’re driving forward this transition while showing future generations what is possible through technology innovation. We are delighted to be working with the Western Cape Department of Education and the Western Cape Ministry of Economic Opportunities to make clean power accessible to Protea Heights as the first of the Western Cape schools and many more schools to come.”

Sarmie Mommiez has been named as the designated charity for the project at Protea Heights Academy. Sarmie Mommiez is a registered non-profit organisation that uplifts and empowers various impoverished communities in the Western Cape. Individuals who buy into the Protea Heights Academy solar project can choose to donate a proportion of their Sun Exchange revenue to Sarmie Mommiez.
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