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Energy and mobility

One-day open dialogue on all forms of energy linked to mobility, interconnection, support and infrastructure, and the socio-economic and environmental impact of mobility systems.

The South African National Energy Association’s (SANEA) energy dialogue, as part of the Africa Energy Indaba Week, is designed to create a platform to initiate discussions on a very important, emerging international trend that has already started to affect the country and could have further significant impacts.

Key focus areas of the dialogue:
  • All forms of energy that are directly or indirectly linked to mobility
  • Interconnection of people, services and activities
  • Support services and infrastructure to enable mobility
  • Social economic and environmental impact of integrated impact – mobility systems
A massive wave of transformation is underway in the mobility sector globally and is starting to gather momentum locally. In a relatively short period of time there have been significant technological breakthroughs in powering of vehicles, which, together with smart digital technologies, will change the way we travel and move bulk goods. Globally the transport sector contributes around 20% of CO₂ emissions and with the COP 21 targets aiming for a 60% worldwide CO2 reduction by 2050, the need to mitigate environmental impacts to achieve more sustainable options will require a massive change to the mobility sector from how it currently exists.

This dialogue will provide a platform to catalyse energy thinking on a very topical issue; one that can have significant positive and negative outcomes for SA and one which cuts across several energy sectors and industries while raising infrastructure issues. Value will be delivered from information sharing, robust discussion and soliciting broad participation from key sector players on the main issues to be covered during the dialogue.

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Contact: Sarita Cronje
Company name: The South African National Energy Association (SANEA)
Telephone number: 083 325 6716
Email address:

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