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New social commerce app launched focusing on saving the oceans

The JET8 Foundation, in partnership with the Lewis Pugh Foundation, has launched a social commerce mobile application, called OceansCam, that focuses on saving the oceans.

Founded by endurance swimmer, ocean advocate and UN Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh, the mission of the Lewis Pugh Foundation is to protect the world's oceans, which are threatened by pollution, industrial overfishing and climate change. The foundation has successfully helped create marine protected areas in over two million square kilometres of ocean, and has ongoing campaigns to fully protect even more threatened waters.

The app incorporates JET8’s fintech technology to reward users for in-app engagement through JETPoints - a social currency with which users can make contributions to the The Lewis Pugh Foundation.

"We only protect what we love," says Pugh. "Which is why I urge everyone to get into the ocean and be reminded of the beauty and fragility of this vital life source. And why I’m thrilled to announce a new way for you to share your passion for ocean protection: OceansCam lets you share your latest photos to encourage your friends to support ocean protection.

So next time you pick up a piece of plastic on a beach, find an alternative for single-use plastic or have a memorable ocean encounter, share it on OceansCam and spread the love!”

Connecting people with charities

Victor Zabrockis, JET8 Foundation director, says: “We are very proud to support this initiative. Our aim at the JET8 Foundation is to enable crucial organisations like the Lewis Pugh Foundation to succeed in the digital age. The OceansCam app allows the community to build memorable moments that connect people with charities like the Lewis Pugh Foundation.

“Through building global mobile communities using our decentralised social commerce app, the Lewis Pugh Foundation will be able to educate and influence more people, businesses, and governments than ever.”

The OceansCam app allows conservationists to create branded content and customise their photos and videos with branded Geo-stickers and Geo-frames, and earn points (‘JETPoints’) for every in-app like, comment, and share, as well as for cross-posting onto external social networks.

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