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R12m solar PV plant installed at Liberty Midlands Mall

Installation of a R12m solar photovoltaic (PV) plant at the Liberty Midlands Mall has been completed, according to co-owners Liberty Two Degrees and Liberty Group.

Brian Unsted, L2D’s asset management executive for Liberty Midlands Mall comments: “The move towards harnessing solar energy at Liberty Midlands Mall was deemed necessary for us in light of the world’s urgent need to address climate change. L2D is passionate and dedicated to improving its environmental impact wherever possible. The solar PV project for Liberty Midlands Mall’s Lifestyle Centre is the first initiative of its kind in our portfolio, reducing its carbon footprint and will act as a benchmark for future solar plant project roll-outs. To continue to drive the future proofing of L2D’s assets, sustainability remains a key aspect to L2D’s strategy.”

The construction of the solar plant was commissioned on the roof structure of the mall’s 22,000m2 Lifestyle Centre. The solar plant will supply approximately one megawatt of energy to the mall and is designed and manufactured to last a minimum lifespan of 25 years.
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