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The Greater Tygerberg Partnership Conference highlights growing investment opportunities in Bellville

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) knows better than anyone the potential for future growth in Bellville, the second metropolitan node of the City of Cape Town. The GTP will unpack the investment case for Bellville at its annual investment conference on 14 October 2021 starting from 9:30am.
The Greater Tygerberg Partnership Conference highlights growing investment opportunities in Bellville

This year, the GTP’s fourth investment conference will be held in an innovative custom virtual venue, designed by the GTP in conjunction with partners Real Estate Investor Magazine (REIM). The platform offers the best of virtual reality in conferencing communications to present a dynamic, interactive and engaging stage for meaningful connections to be made.

“The virtual environment enables us to connect potential investment partners with existing investment and business opportunities in Bellville,” says Warren Hewitt, CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership.

The Bellville CBD has seen remarkable growth over the last decade, with recent developments totalling in the billions thanks to heavy hitters like the City of Cape Town, Devmark Property Group, Vodacom, PetroSA, The University of the Western Cape and Stellenbosch University putting their faith and funding on the growth potential of the Greater Tygerberg Area.

Hewitt says, “We have seen a momentous shift in the number and diversity of developers invested in Bellville over the last five years.”

The conference will unpack the various sector assets that Bellville has to offer and the growing opportunities therein. For example, property values in Bellville have increased by 52.5% over the past decade.

The profile of the Bellville CBD has shifted in recent years, reflecting a growing trend towards integrated diverse urban lifestyles in response to a demand for more accessible transport, access to work opportunities, student city amenities, and affordable housing infrastructure.

Bellville is the second metropolitan node of the City of Cape Town and has been earmarked as one of several urban renewal programmes under the Mayoral Visible Service Acceleration (MVSA) initiative. The MVSA is a critical aspect of the city’s efforts to address urban management issues aimed at area stabilisation and thereby creating the enabling conditions for future investment, including the city’s plans for the medium- to long-term regeneration of the Bellville CBD announced by the mayor early in March this year. The city is progressing its plans for a public participation process in the new year.

The city’s investment in the long-term regeneration of Bellville will be a catalyst for the development of the Bellville CBD, supported by additional sources from the private sector, the GTP, PRASA and Transnet. There will be a great focus on investment related to land and the development of public transport. It is a long-term project that will span multiple financial years. The city aims to engage the wider community at the investment conference to network and motivate direct feedback on what they want for Bellville.

This annual investor conference offers national, regional and international investors, as well as developers, asset managers and local businesses, the opportunity to learn about the new and upcoming growth potential of Bellville and surrounds. The conference offers an opportunity for local and potential business and property owners to hear about what is planned and available for Bellville directly from development and planning experts.

Event speakers include David Downey, president and CEO of International Downtown Association, explaining the significance of complete cities, and Geordin Hill-Lewis, the DA mayoral candidate for Cape Town, discussing what makes cities work, and Warren Hewitt, CEO of the GTP, who will be unpacking the investment case for Bellville. A panel of experts will discuss and field questions on the core theme: What does Bellville’s sustainable future look like?

Conference partners and sponsors include:

  • TUHF, a specialised commercial property financing company that finances property investors exclusively in inner cities
  • City of Cape Town
  • Devmark Property Group, developers of the R2bn Galleria development in Tyger Valley, and affordable accommodation developments in Bellville South
  • DHK Architects, a multi-disciplinary design studio incorporating architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design
  • The University of the Western Cape, which has been located in Bellville since its establishment sixty years ago, and which has been implementing a phased expansion of its campus buildings in the Bellville CBD
  • Real Estate Investor, who are developers of the custom-built virtual conference space

Other contributing partners who are working on various projects and developments in Bellville will also be featured at the event.

Event delegates will be able to interact with live and on-demand content, network with other attendees, exhibitors, speakers and contributing partners, and gather invaluable data and information about opportunities for development and regeneration in Bellville.

For investors and business owners to secure your seat, register here:

Once participants have registered, they will receive a link to the GTP’s conference space that they can use to log in with a Chrome browser on the day.

To find out more, visit GTP at, or contact az.gro.ptg@ofni.

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership Conference highlights growing investment opportunities in Bellville

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