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    Dawie Roodt returns with some in depth economic analysis regarding the GNU and its future!

    Dawie Roodt returns with some in depth economic analysis regarding the GNU and its future!

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    Eduvos partners with School of Entrepreneurship

    Eduvos is excited to announce its partnership with the School of Entrepreneurship. Eduvos students, or Vossies, will have the opportunity to access their 4Life Entrepreneurship Programme at a reduced cost, with 12 Vossies being awarded full bursaries to the course.
    Eduvos partners with School of Entrepreneurship

    The School of Entrepreneurship aims to create entrepreneurs who can spur economic growth and improve living standards across South Africa. The school aims to develop 10,000 new entrepreneurs in the next five years and equip them with the skills to start sustainable and profitable businesses, which will in turn create job opportunities and contribute to the reduction in unemployment rates in our country.

    Eduvos students who partake in the programme will be coached on how to start, scale and sustain their own businesses by successful entrepreneurs.

    This partnership is one of several endeavours by the Eduvos Employability Centre, which aims to place as many Eduvos graduates as possible in the workforce. Students who complete the School of Entrepreneurship’s programme will have an even greater advantage in the marketplace, since they can use their Eduvos accredited qualification to find their dream job or even start their own business.

    “At Eduvos we ensure the holistic development of our students; this means we want them to thrive in the academic world and have a measurable impact on their communities and society overall. We prepare our graduates for the world of work, whether they are looking to climb the corporate ladder or build their own businesses as entrepreneurs,” says Cheryl Smith, head of student support and student affairs at Eduvos.

    “We believe the School of Entrepreneurship’s programme, together with an Eduvos qualification, will give students the knowledge and confidence to set up their own businesses.”

    Twelve Eduvos students have received full bursaries from the School of Entrepreneurship for the 4Life Entrepreneurship Programme. Six of these students have been awarded additional funding towards their Eduvos study fees as contributed by external funders negotiated by The School of Entrepreneurship.

    "Eduvos is the first higher education institution in South Africa to partner with the School of Entrepreneurship to offer their students the opportunity to study entrepreneurship simultaneously with their degree and higher certificate; giving them the advantage that should they not find a job, they can take their knowledge acquired from Eduvos and start their own business," says Leon Lategan, founder and head coach of the School of Entrepreneurship.

    The programme is done online, and the sessions fit into the class timetables at Eduvos, which means any interested student can enrol. The sessions are only one hour a week which means it is easy for students to manage their normal coursework and the 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme.

    For media enquiries contact Kara van der berg moc.sovude@grebdv.arak or moc.sovude@eciffosserp.

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