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Eduvos Career Fairs to empower high school learners

Eduvos, voted South Africa's best private higher education institution, is thrilled to announce its upcoming series of Career Fairs, set to take place at all 12 of its campuses across the country this weekend.
Eduvos Career Fairs to empower high school learners

This latest round of Career Fairs is aimed at high school learners, particularly matric and grade 11 students, as they embark on their higher education journey. Eduvos understands that it is only the first step in its students’ career journey, and therefore wants prospective students to understand the career paths available to them and what qualifications they will need to get there.

With the goal of providing valuable insights and resources to young learners, Eduvos is proud to offer a unique opportunity for students to engage directly with industry professionals. The Career Fairs will feature experts from various companies in different fields, who will share their personal experiences, expertise, and knowledge about potential career paths. This interactive platform will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of what various professions entail and what it takes to succeed in them.

The primary objective of Eduvos' Career Fairs is to equip students with the information they need to make informed decisions about their future studies. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the educational requirements and pathways to pursue their chosen careers.

“The employability of our students is a core focus at Eduvos. We are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their chosen careers. By opening our Career Fairs to prospective students, we are offering them a glimpse into the transformative power of education and how Eduvos can help them succeed,” says Eduvos head of campuses and customer experience, Kevin Lazarus.

Eduvos staff members will be on hand to provide guidance and information about the over 27 qualifications on offer at Eduvos. Prospective students can explore the various academic programmes available to them, ensuring they have the tools necessary to make choices that align with their career aspirations. Students scared that they might not have the necessary marks for a certain degree can find out more about Eduvos’s one-year higher certificate courses and pre-degree foundation programmes.

Higher education is a critical stepping stone for individuals striving to reach their full potential. Individuals with a higher education qualification, on average, earn 50% more than workers with only a secondary education attainment. Eduvos firmly believes that investing in education is not only an investment in an individual's future but also in Africa's economy as a whole. By providing quality education and guidance to young learners, Eduvos is contributing to the development of a highly skilled and empowered workforce, which is essential for the growth and prosperity of the continent.

Eduvos invites all high school learners, parents, and educators to participate in these informative and inspirational Career Fairs. The events will be held at all 12 Eduvos campuses nationwide on 6 and 7 October 2023. Attendees can expect a day filled with career exploration, valuable insights, and opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

About Eduvos

Eduvos is one of South Africa’s largest private higher education institutions with 12 campuses nationwide. They offer over 27 fully accredited qualifications, internationally recognised.

Eduvos acknowledges that the world of work is constantly changing, and innovative technologies are disrupting industries. For this reason, Eduvos is constantly updating its curriculum, academic offerings and campus spaces to meet the ever-changing demands of the world of work and to prepare students to be future-ready. The institution equips its students with the current and relevant skills and knowledge they will need to prosper in their careers.

Prospective students can still enrol for the fourth and final intake of 2023, starting 2 October. Alternatively, prospective students, including matriculants, can pre-enrol and reserve their seat for 2024.

Media are more than welcome to attend the event. For press enquiries, contact Kara van der Berg at moc.sovude@grebdv.arak

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